Zinc Anodes for Marine & Underwater Applications

Zinc Anodes for Marine & Underwater Applications
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Hull Anodes

LL-26 Hull Anode
(AKA: M-26)

Contains single galvanized steel longitudinal strap. Can be bolted or welded to hull. Particularly suited for smaller ships, coastal vessels, harbor tugs, etc. Farwest can add a mounting hole to each mounting strap.

LL-26264 1/2″2 1/4″14″

LL-48 Hull Anode
(AKA: M-48)

Contains single longitudinal galvanized strap for welding to hull. Particularly suited for major ships, 10,000 DWT and upward. Farwest can add a mounting hole to each mounting strap.

LL-48484 1/2″2 1/4″24″

Tapered M-24 Hull Anode

Contains two cast-in galvanized steel mounting straps. Farwest can add a mounting hole to each mounting strap.

          Anode                 Lbs                 W                     H                    L          
M-24 22.5 6







Military Anodes

The military anodes shown here conform to the latest modification of mil spec MIL-A-18001.

Anodes in this series contain two cast-in galvanized steel mounting straps (brass mounting straps are also available) or two cast-in cored holes on 6″ centers.

Farwest can add a mounting hole to each mounting strap.

ZHS-23226″12″1 1/4″
ZHC-23226″12″1 1/4″
ZHS-42426″12″2 1/2″
ZHC-42396″12″2 1/2″

The military anodes below contain a single cast-in galvanized steel mounting strap measuring 3/16″ x 1 1/4″ x 16″. Farwest can add a mounting hole to each mounting strap.

ZSS-12113″12″1 1/4″
ZSS-24213″12″2 1/2″

A teardrop-shaped military anode containing a single. Cast-in galvanized steel straps. Farwest can add mounting holes, such as two 3/8″ diameter holes on 11″ centers.

ZTS53″9″1 1/4″

Pier and Piling Anodes: ZPP Series

Several different galvanized steel cores are available in this anode series. When ordering, specify which of the following cores is desired.

  • Type “E” – 1/2″ diameter eyebolt in anodes weighing up to 200 lbs; 3/4″ over 200 lbs.
  • Type “P” – 3/4″ standard pipe in anodes weighing less than 250 lbs; 1″ pipe 250 lbs and up.
  • Type “R” – 1/2″ diameter rod.

AnodePoundsWHLCore Type
ZPP-50502″2″48″E, R
ZPP-1001003″3″44″E, P, R
ZPP-1501504″4″36″E, P, R
ZPP-2502509″9″12″E, P, R
ZPP-250A*2504″4″60″E, P, R
ZPP-3503757″7″30″E, P, R
ZPP-5005009″9″24″E, P, R

*Pipe core for this anode is 3/4″ standard pipe.


Custom Line

For special requirements, HI-AMP anodes for ballast tanks, piers and pilings can be furnished with a wide variety of cores and to the range of dimensions shown in the accompanying table.

Cross SectionLengthsNominal Weight
1.4″ x 1.4″6″ – 60″0.5
2″ x 2″6″ – 60″1.0
2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″6″ – 60″1.5
3″ x 3″6″ – 60″2.3
4″ x 4″6″ – 60″4.2
5″ x 5″6″ – 48″6.5
7″ x 7″6″ – 36″12.8
9″ x 9″6″ – 24″21.0
9″ x 10″6″ – 24″23.4
10″ x 10″6″ – 24″26.0


Ballast Tank Anodes

ZT Series

Anodes contain1/2″ diameter straight electrogalvanized steel core rod for direct welding or assembly to two flat bards with “U” bolts as shown.

ZT-70702 1/2″2 1/2″48″60″
ZT-1001002 1/2″2 1/2″60″72″

ZTW Series

Contains 1/2″ diameter bent electro-galvanized steel core rod on sizes up to 50 lbs for direct welding to structure. Anodes over 50 lbs have 5/8″ diameter core rod.

ZTW-70702 1/2″2 1/2″48″69″
ZTW-1001002 1/2″2 1/2″60″81″

Bracelet Anodes

Number of
Nom. Pipe
420″ – 36″
4 or 630″ – 36″
630″ – 54″
6 or 840″ – 54″
840″ – 72″


Q-AMP™ bracelet anodes are a family of products consisting of quadrants of multiple arc segments. Each segment contains cast-in, circumferentially oriented steel cores. Bracelets are assembled with 4, 6 or 8 units depending on pipe diameter. Q-AMP bracelet anodes are superior to both semicircular bracelet assemblies in the larger sizes and multi-segment, external core assemblies because they offer:

  • More accurate sizing over pipe coatings to eliminate gaps that promote excessive wastage of the anode at the inside diameter of the bracelet.
  • Minimal distortion and “locked-in” stress when compared to conventional semi-circular bracelets for pipes of about 20″diameter.

The maximum arc length of each segment ranges from about 14″ to about 27″. Each segment contains at least one circumferentially-oriented steel core.