Wire Reel with Submersible Adapter by Farwest Corrosion

Wire Reel with Submersible Adapter by Farwest Corrosion
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When taking underwater cathodic protection potential measurements, it is important to use a submersible adapter to seal the interface between the reference electrode and the cable connection. Allowing water into this interface area can cause reading errors due to the introduction of various metals at the connection point. A "submersible adapter" with cable is commonly used to seal the connection point but the length of wire provided for sub-surface readings can be unruly.

To eliminate this problem, Farwest can provide an aluminum take-up reel with a submersible adapter to make sub-surface readings more manageable. Reel with submersible adapter & reference electrode (sold separately).

Ordering Options: The submersible adapter with cable is available in 50, 100, 150 and 200 foot lengths and is provided on the hand-held aluminum take-up reel. A portable copper-copper sulfate (fresh water) or silver-silver chloride (seawater) reference electrode can be provided as a separate item if needed. Farwest offers many reference electrode models to choose from and can assist in the selection of the appropriate unit.

The submersible adapter cable comes permanently soldered to the banana jack terminal on the take-up reel. There, a digital multimeter can be connected to the reel for the subsea potential readings.