Water Tank System Installation

Water Tank System Installation
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Cathodic protection systems are utilized to protect the internal, submerged steel surface of water storage tanks.  While coatings provide first-line protection, cathodic protection protects the steel where the coatings are compromised.  Depending on the efficiency of the coating, the type of cathodic protection system may be either a galvanic system or, where more protection current is required, an impressed current or powered system may be needed. Once installed and if properly maintained, water tanks can last for decades saving millions in repair or upgrade costs.

With advances in coating technology for tanks, the demand for cathodic protection protective current can be reduced.  This is a positive for the tank operator as smaller, galvanic cathodic protection systems are can be a perfect solution.  The patented PowerMag 1000 is an excellent choice in these instances and provides automatic output control for a galvanic C.P. system reducing cost, the need for AC power and other maintenance issues.

Our team of experts have installed many cathodic protection systems in water tanks over many years.  We provide our own project materials, our own equipment and the expertise to complete the project efficiently and quickly.  In addition, our Technical Services team can commission the cathodic protection system and monitor it to ensure the system is working properly.