Watchdog VIPx Remote Rectifier Monitor by Elecsys

Watchdog VIPx Remote Rectifier Monitor by Elecsys
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The Watchdog VIPx is specifically designed for most rectifier monitoring applications. Features include pre-configured, dedicated analog measurement channels for volts, current, and pipe to soil. Unit is equipped with an AC Probe to detect and monitor the rectifier input power. An additional dry contact digital channel can be used for momentary alarm monitoring (door alarm for intrusion detection for example), or for status monitoring (valve position, etc.).

Units come factory configured as Ch 1- volts, Ch 2- amps, Ch 3- pipe to soil potential (required reference cell not included). Dedicated channels that greatly simplify installation at any rectifier location. Compact, NEMA 4x lockable enclosure provides reliable protection from tampering and environmental damage.

Using field-proven Watchdog lightning surge-resistant circuitry, the Watchdog VIPx is the best choice for any standard CP rectifier monitoring application.