UltraProbe "Probe" Anodes by Farwest Corrosion

UltraProbe "Probe" Anodes by Farwest Corrosion
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"Stinger" anode without insulating support shield."Scepter" anode with insulating support shield.

Farwest UltraProbe Series impressed current probe anodes are an effective solution when there is a need to protect the internal surfaces of a structure, such as a condenser water box, process tank, pressure vessel, intake / discharge piping, or similar. Available in a wide variety of sizes, materials and configurations, these probe anodes allow through-wall installation of the anode from the exterior of the structure.

Anode Materials

The anode element is available in a number of material choices including:

  • Platinized niobium*
  • Platinized titanium*
  • Mixed metal oxide (MMO)**

* Platinum thickness can vary from 50 to 300 microinches.

Physical Considerations

Depending on the probe anode application, diameter of the anode, flow rates and other considerations, probe anodes may or may not require the use of a non-metallic support shield. This shield is designed to provide structural support to the anode rod and to provide current shielding properties. For instance, a 0.750” diameter anode may not need a support shield, whereas a 0.375” diameter anode may need additional mechanical support.

Farwest offers two anode model configurations, as follows:

  • The “Stinger” anode, which does not include an insulating support shield. If required, a heat shrink tube can be added to the anode rod to deactivate a portion of the anode.
  • The “Scepter” anode, which does include an insulating support shield. The insulating shield can be either Nylon or Delrin.