Trenton Pile-Shield System

Trenton Pile-Shield System
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For heavy-duty corrosion protection of offshore pilings in splash zone areas.


The Trenton Pile-Shield™ System has three components:

Trenton Pile-Primer™ is a corrosion-inhibiting petroleum wax-based compound that displaces moisture. It is paste-like in consistency and is applied by hand.

Trenton Pile Inner-Wrap™ is a poly-fiber felt that is saturated with a petroleum wax. The Inner-Wrap combines with the Pile Primer to form a corrosion inhibiting polymer compound to provide an anticorrosion barrier.

Trenton Pile-Shield™ is a tough, extremely durable highdensity polyethylene sheet that is UV-resistant.

The Trenton Pile-Shield™ System is designed for use in severe marine conditions, providing a dual-protection system against corrosion and abrasion or impact.

Pile-Shield advantages:

  • Easy to apply
  • Minimal surface preparation required
  • Suitable for a wide range of temperature applications
  • High resistance to impact and abrasion
  • Long-lasting corrosion protection

End Use:

The Pile-Shield™ System is used to protect offshore pilings from corrosion and mechanical damage by ice, debris and wave action.


Surface preparation: Remove all marine growth and loose rust, scale, or old loose coating (SSPCSP2). Inspect cleaned area. If sharp edges or metal burrs are present, they must be removed mechanically.

Application of Pile Primer: Manually apply a thin film of Pile Primer to the surface, ensuring that all exposed metal to be protected is uniformly coated both above and below the water line. Rub the primer into the surface, displacing any moisture and ensuring that the primer is adhering to the piling.

Application of Pile Inner-Wrap: On vertical piping or pilings, start at the lowest end of the area to be protected. Apply Pile Inner-Wrap™ in a spiral wrap fashion, using a 50% overlap, such that it uniformly adheres to the metal surface with no water or air pockets trapped underneath. Smooth out all seams by hand to seal the Pile Inner-Wrap™ at the overlap.

Application of the Pile-Shield: Starting at the lowest end of the area to be protected, wrap the Pile- Shield™ around the pile as tightly as possible. Hold the Pile-Shield in the designated location and apply the first stainless steel band to the middle of the Pile-Shield. Then apply additional bands at intervals no greater than 1 to 1.5 foot (.3 to .5 meter), making sure that the top and bottom bands are no more than 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) from each end. If additional sections are used, they are butted up against the previously applied section.


Pile Primer
1-gallon (3.785 liters) cans

4 gallon/case
32 lb/case

Pile Inner-Wrap
9″ x 27′ (225 mm x 8.2 m) rolls
6 rolls (13.5 sq yd)/case
34 lb/case

Sections are custom-made as required by actual pile
circumference in lengths up to 8 feet (standard).

316 Stainless Steel Banding
Banding: 3/4″ x 100′ rolls
Banding: EVA coated black 3/4″ x 82′ rolls
Buckles (Earlock): 100/box





Pile Primer  
Dielectric strength100 volt/mil


Flash point350°F (177°C)D-92
Specific gravity.90 at 77°F (25°C)D-3505
Application temperature0° to 100°F (-18° to 38°C) 
Service temperature-90° to 125°F (-68° to 52°C) 
Pile Inner-Wrap  
Dielectric strength236 volt/milD-149
Thickness (typical)80 mil (2.03 mm)D-1000
Break strength22.5 lb/in. width (3940 N/m width)D-1000
Weight2.5 lb/sq yd (1.35 kg/sq m) 
Flash point (of saturant)300°F (149°C)D-92
Application temperature0° to 230°F (-18° to 110°C) 
Service temperature-90° to 230°F (-68° to 110°C) 
Pile Shield  
Thickness50, 70, 100 mil (1.25, 1.75, 2.5 mm)D-1505
Break strength400 lb/in. widthD-838
Elongation at break700%D-838
Tear strength65 lb.D-1004
Low temperature brittleness-112°FD-746
Puncture resistance130 lb.FTMS 101
Method 2065
Application temperature 30° to 125°F (-1° to 52°C) 
Service temperature-110° to 125°F (-80° to 52°C) 
Color Black 


Quantity Requirements

(Estimate based on 100 linear feet of piling)

Piling Size (Diameter)
Inches (mm)



Pile Primer
(100 sq ft/gal)

Gal (liters)



Pile Inner-Wrap
9″ x 27″ Rolls



Pile-Shield™ Width**

12.75 (324)3.25 (12.3)3644.5″
14 (356)3.75 (14.2)3948.5″
16 (406)4.25 (16.1)4554.5″
18 (457)4.75 (18.0)5061″
20 (508)5.25 (19.9)5667″
22 (559)5.75 (21.8)6173.5″
24 (610)6.25 (23.7)6780″
26 (660)6.75 (25.6)7386′
28 (711)7.25 (27.5)7892″
30 (762)7.75 (29.3)8498.5″
32 (813)8.25 (31.2)89105″
36 (914)9.50 (35.9)100117.5″

** Widths are custom-made as required by actual pile circumference in lengths up to 8 feet standard.