Thermoelectric Generators for Cathodic Protection by Gentherm

Thermoelectric Generators for Cathodic Protection by Gentherm
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GLOBAL thermoelectric generators (TEGs) are economical sources of impressed current for cathodic protection systems. As the industry leader in highly reliable, economically sound, low maintenance sources of DC electrical power, GLOBAL thermoelectric generators are used when AC grid power is unavailable or simply too costly.

Because thermoelectric conversion is a solid state phenomenon, TEGs have no moving parts and operate reliably for long periods of time without maintenance or supervision. Electrical power is generated by the direct conversion of heat from the combustion of fuel into electricity.

Today's users of cathodic protection are highly cost conscious, and most expenditures are based on sound economic analysis to justify capital and operating costs. GLOBAL thermoelectric generators are proven to be a reliable source of continuous current, and should always be considered for cathodic protection applications. Only GLOBAL offers TEGs with an extended design lifetime and limited annual maintenance.

GLOBAL's CP-TEGs are normally located near the ground bed, and supplied with fuel from tanks or from wellheads or pipelines. The current output can be adjusted by means of an integral variable resistor, so the output current is matched to the ground bed resistance. There are NO batteries in the system, unlike costly solar sites.

GLOBAL thermoelectric power systems are found working reliably in every climate in over 51 countries. Over 15,000 generators have been shipped, for use on mountain tops and deserts, from the Arctic Islands to the southern Sahara, and from the Australian deserts to the rain forest of Africa. With over 15 years of experience in supplying DC power to the cathodic protection industry, GLOBAL thermoelectric generators offer:

  • Solid State design ensures high reliability and low maintenance.
  • Stainless Steel, weatherproof construction means NO sheltering required.
  • Quiet, ecologically sound service.
  • Extended design lifetime, with limited annual maintenance.
  • Operation on propane, butane, natural gas.

GLOBAL’s cathodic protection package includes:

  • Lockable, stainless steel enclosure.
  • Easy to read volt/ammeter
  • Terminal block for up to 9 mm (00 AWG) cable.
  • Variable resistor to control current output.
  • Optional split current package, which allows one generator to supply two cathodic loads.

Note: The CP interface design may vary for different generator models.