TBK-XL-65 Fiberglass Reinforced Sleeve System for Directional Drilling by CANUSA-CPS

TBK-XL-65 Fiberglass Reinforced Sleeve System for Directional Drilling by CANUSA-CPS
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Product Description

Canusa TBK-XL-65 Directional Drilling Kit is a high-performance system designed to protect welded joints on 2 and 3-layer PE, PP and FBE coated pipelines in directional drills. The system consists of two components: a heat-shrinkable sleeve which provides corrosion protection at the joint; and an ultraviolet light curable fiberglass protective overcoat. An optional epoxy primer is also available for superior corrosion protection in 3-layer systems. The system provides effective protection against abrasion and wear forces that occur during the pull-through operation. The system is fully compatible with cathodic protection systems, resists cathodic disbondment and is designed for a wide range of operating temperatures.

Features & Benefits

  • Long Term Corrosion Protection: Canusa’s TBK-XL-65 - Directional Drilling Kit provides superior corrosion protection because of the protective shrink sleeve/epoxy primer combination. It uses Canusa GTS-65 as the corrosion protective sleeve. This corrosion protection sleeve provides excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment and excellent durability against abrasion and chemical attack. The result is effective, long-term protection against corrosion.

  • Superior Abrasion Resistance: Canusa’s TBK-XL-65 - Directional Drilling Kit utilizes an ultra-violet light curable fiberglass. This reinforcement provides excellent tensile and flexible strength, hardness and resistance to impact. The inherent performance properties
    associated with the sleeve adhesive reduces damage of the coating during pipeline installation and provides excellent resistance to soil stresses and pipe movements.

  • Convenience: The fiberglass can be cured with a simple, hand-held, UV light. Epoxy primer is supplied in kits with all tools required to apply the primer and edge-coat. The convenient ready-to-mix epoxy packaging minimizes installation time and labor costs while promoting high production rates.