Supersesal Pipe Joint Sleeve by Canusa-CPS

Supersesal Pipe Joint Sleeve by Canusa-CPS
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The Canusa-CPS Superseal™ Sleeve is a high-performance heat-shrinkable product for the sealing of pre-insulated pipe joints. It is specifically designed for pipes and casings made from high density polyethylene, for district heating applications where soil stress and pipe movements are common.

Features & Benefits
  • Long-Term Sealing Protection: Once installed,  Superseal™ products have excellent structural integrity, and provide the substrate with durable protection against abrasion and chemical attack. The high performance crosslinked backing provides the superior abrasion resistance and mechanical strength required for high stress environments. In combination with a high shear resistant adhesive, Superseal™ provides excellent resistance to soil stress, temperature cycling effects and pipe movements, resulting in an effective long term seal.
  • Flexible & Reliable Installation: Superseal™ products are available in three different configurations for flexibility of installation.
    1) The patented one-piece configuration (K) incorporates a pre-attached closure strip that has been factory applied resulting in quick and reliable field installation.
    2) The bulk wrap (W) configuration is supplied in a bulk roll, with separate closure seals, providing just-in-time customized lengths. This flexibility results in reduced inventories and cost savings on the job site.
    3) The tubular (P) sleeve consists of a unique configuration that has been factory constructed, resulting in quick and reliable field installation. The sleeve is supplied in a sealed bag to prevent contamination.
  • Assured Performance: Super Heavy Duty configuration of the Superseal product (S) meets and exceeds the stringent requirements of the European Standard EN 489:2009 for District Heating products, having been fully tested and approved by independent District Heating authorities. The product has surpassed the rigorous soil stress test followed by the water impermeability test.