Superseal Sleeve for Pre-Insulated Pipe Joints by Canusa-CPS

Superseal Sleeve for Pre-Insulated Pipe Joints by Canusa-CPS
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The CANUSA-CPS Superseal sleeve is a high performance heat shrinkable product for sealing pre-insulated pipe joints. It is

specifically designedfor pipes and casings made from high density polyethylene for District Heating applications where soil stress and pipe movement are common.

The sleeve is made from heavy-duty irradiation crosslinked polyolefin sheets pre-coated with a specially formulated semi-crystalline adhesive. During shrinking, the adhesive is transformed into a low viscosity fluid, and the sleeve shrinking force squeezes adhesive into all surface irregularities, forming a bond to the surface. At the same time, the sleeve conforms tightly to the joint profile. Once cool, the adhesive reverts to its semi- crystalline state forming a tough, permanent bond to the surface of the casing pipe.

The CANUSA-CPS Superseal adhesive combines the best properties of a hot melt adhesive with those of a mastic, providing flexibility for relative axial movements between casing and pipe while retaining the CANUSA-CPS Superseal firmly in its place. It has been tested and is approved by independent District Heating authorities.

CANUSA-CPS Superseal is supplied in bulk as a wraparound sleeve with closure seal (Type WLD) or in CANUSA-CPS patented Wrapid Sleeve configuration (KLD). Widths are 150 mm (6"), 225 mm (9"), 450 mm (18"), 610 mm (24"), 650 mm (26"), 760 mm (30") and 860 mm (34").