Stelth 7 Reference Electrode and Coupon Combination for AC Readings by Borin Mfg.

Stelth 7 Reference Electrode and Coupon Combination for AC Readings by Borin Mfg.
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The STELTH 7 Reference Electrode for AC Mitigation Readingscan help you answer these questions with an all-in-one solution.

The STELTH 7 for AC Mitigation Readings  has all the features you love that enable our STELTH reference electrode technology to produce stable readings, plus:

  • Integrated 1 cm2 coupon, specifically sized to measure AC potential and AC current density as outlined in NACE standard SP0177-2014.
  • All of your CP readings with one device: because the STELTH 7includes 1 cm2, 10 cm2 and 100 cm2 DC coupons, it is able to give you readings for:It’s equipped with our Bullet Box Interrupter to enable you to take AC current readings; they are color coded to make installation super easy 

    • Structure Potential
    • AC Potential
    • AC Current Density
    • ON Potential
    • IR-Free OFF Potential
    • Native Potential
    • DC Current Density

Easily automate readings by connecting to a remote monitoring unit, which becomes crucial when trying to log AC potential and AC current density readings over a period of time at different times of day – as AC load can vary greatly depending on local power demands.

Just a few reasons BORIN STELTH solid-state reference electrodes are unique:

  • Never need recharging or recalibrating
  • Impregnated with membrane that keeps electrolytes from drying out or getting contaminated
  • Trap hydrogen sulfide or excess chloride ions before they cause damage
  • Let you know when you have dangerous levels of AC to deal with
  • Can thrive in ALL environments, even those chemically detrimental to other reference electrodes
  • Remain accurate for their lifetime
  • Won’t die every winter

BORIN stands behind every STELTH reference electrode you buy:

  • We test EVERY SINGLE reference electrode we make
  • You can track/trace any STELTH
  • Every STELTH is calibrated for the life of the cell
  • The STELTH reference electrodes will work for years and remain stable after you retire

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Varies depending on model

 Standard Lead wire

Any length of RHH-RHW black #16-5 tray cable wire available


High Impact ABS, ceramic with Moisture Retention Membrane (MRM™)

 Service Life

Minimum 30-year service life

 Shelf Life

Infinite shelf life, infinite stability

Certified Potential Range 

±5 millivolts vs. standard

 pH Range

4–9 pH

 Working Temperature Range

32° F to +176° F (0° C to 80° C)

 Material Temperature Range

-60° F to +185° F (-51° C to 85° C)