Stelth 7 IR-Free Probe & Rocket Reference Electrodes by Borin

Stelth 7 IR-Free Probe & Rocket Reference Electrodes by Borin
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Our STELTH 7 solid-state reference electrodes are designed to:

  • Take ON-potential and IR-free OFF-potential readings of a structure without consideration for any outside influencessuch as nearby rectifiers, anode beds, electric transmission lines, trains, subways, and even steel in concrete – while reading only the single worst potential that exists on that structure (based on NACE Standard SP0177-2014).

  • Easily allow any remote monitoring and control system to automate the IR-Free ON-potential and OFF-potential readings of a structure.

  • Eliminate expensive GPS, high amperage or any interruptersfor rectifiers altogether. Instead disconnect your DC coupon to take your OFF-potential readings.

  • Take on- and off-potential readings of pipelines with sacrificial anode systems.

  • Take current density readings of the STELTH 7 coupon representing the structure in your cathodic protection system.

  • Have a minimum design life of 30 years and infinite shelf life; you can retire before your company will need to replace the reference electrodes you installed!

  • All-in-one solution with no need of external coupons in order to take your CP readings.

  • Be reliable; the STELTH 7 will maintain a stability of ±5 millivoltsover 30 years.

  • Be reused; STELTH reference electrodes can be taken in and out of service as many times as you’d like.

  • Operate in all ranges of soil and water conditions, depending on which chemistry you choose, your STELTH will thrive in any climate, including desert dry soils, flood zones, swamps, fresh water and ocean environments.


Just a few reasons BORIN STELTH solid-state reference electrodes are unique:

  • Never need recharging or recalibrating
  • Impregnated with membrane that keeps electrolytes from drying out or getting contaminated
  • Trap hydrogen sulfide or excess chloride ions before they cause damage
  • Let you know when you have dangerous levels of AC to deal with
  • Can thrive in ALL environments, even those chemically detrimental to other reference electrodes
  • Remain accurate for their lifetime
  • Won’t die every winter

BORIN stands behind every STELTH reference electrode you buy:

  • We test EVERY SINGLE reference electrode we make
  • You can track/trace any STELTH
  • Every STELTH is calibrated for the life of the cell
  • The STELTH reference electrodes will work for years and remain stable after you retire

Both STELTH 7 IR-Free Probe & STELTH 7 Rocket: measure ON-OFF Potential, Depolarization Potential, and DC Current Density, 100 mV Shift


Varies depending on model

Standard Lead wire

20′ of RHH-RHW black #16-5 tray cable (any length of wire available)


High Impact ABS, ceramic with Moisture Retention Membrane (MRM™)

Service Life

Minimum 30-year service life

Shelf Life

Infinite shelf life, infinite stability

Certified Potential Range 

±5 millivolts vs. standard

pH Range

4–9 pH

Working Temperature Range

32° F to +176° F (0° C to 80° C)

Material Temperature Range

-60° F to +185° F (-51° C to 85° C)