Staperm Deltaperm Apache Deep Salt Water Reference Electrode by GMC

Staperm Deltaperm Apache Deep Salt Water Reference Electrode by GMC
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PermanenVPortable highly stable deep water silver-silver chloride reference electrode for use in salt water or saline water conditions - off shore platforms - offshore drilling rigs - offshore pipelines - seawater docks and steel sheet pile.


  • Model AG-5-SW silver-silver chloride
  • Size 1.5" DIA. x 8" long slotted PVC plastic pipe, colored coded blue.
  • Available with 5, 10, 15, & 20 lb. weights.
  • Lead Wire: std. 50' of #1 0 RHH-RHW (black).
  • Porous ceramic filter tube: Implosion proof filter chamber.
  • Silver rod: Chloridized and coiled .999 pure silver element.
  • 1/2" DIA. female pipe fitting for filter media back flush and
  • weight attachment.
  • Design life: 15 - 20 years.
  • Stability: + - 5 millivolts with 3.0 microamp load.
  • Temperature Range: 32' to 150'F (0' to 65.5'c)

Special ceramic filter tube with seawater chamber eliminates pressure implosion/self equalizing.

Special slotted 1 1/2" PVC protective outer case.

High quality tapered end caps protects connection and eliminating platform/dock snags.

Special back flush fitting allows filter media to be back flushed without cell removal, fitting can be used for special weight attachment.

Electrode color coded blue for ease of cell determination.

Special silver-silver chloride rod allows for in place calibration and chloridizing repair if needed.