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Solid State Decoupler (SSD) for pipeline flanges by Dairyland Electrical

Solid State Decoupler (SSD) for pipeline flanges by Dairyland Electrical
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MTF Flange Mounting Bracket The SSD or OVP2 can be mounted across an insulated flange using an existing flange bolt, usually at the top center position on the flange (See Attached Drawings). In order to install these devices using existing flange bolts, the flange must have a machined outer face in order to mate to the bus bars. To order a complete kit to flange mount using flange bolts, customers must also provide the pipe diameter and the ANSI LB class. All MTF flange mounting kits include brackets, nuts, bolts and washers necessary for installing the device. Specifications: Material: #110 Copper Plating: Nickel Electroplated Thickness: 0.095″ MTT Mounting Kit Mounting the SSD or OVP2 to a flange can be accomplished via drilling and tapping the edge of the flange for a 5/16-18×1” or M8-1.25x20mm fully-threaded stud with jam nuts, or by pin brazing an M8x16 stud to each flange. Verify that the dimensions of either of these mounting arrangements are suitable for the flange before ordering. For mounting using tapped holes and studs, specify DEI part number MTT-516 for the 5/16” threaded studs, or MTT-M8 for the M8 threaded studs. Specifications: Material: #110 Copper Finish: Nickel Electroplated Thickness: 0.094″ MTS Mounting Kit If mounting via pin brazed studs is desired, mount the device by using a M8x16 stud pin brazed to each side of the flange. The MTS kit provided by DEI includes “L” brackets, nuts, bolts, washers for each side of the flange. DEI does not supply the M8 stud kit or ceramic sleeve needed for this installation. Please order these parts from the manufacturer / distributor of the pin brazing equipment being used. Verify that the dimensions for this mounting arrangement are suitable for the flange before ordering. Specifications: Material: #110 Copper Finish: Nickel Electroplated Thickness: 0.094″ MTL Lead Kit Connection of an SSD or OVP2 normally uses #6 AWG insulated leads with compression terminals. Each lead has a factory installed compression terminal on one end with the other lead end left unfinished for cutting to the shortest feasible length during installation. (The required 5/16″ bolts, nuts and washers to attach the leads to the device are furnished with each decoupler.) The standard lengths are 12 inches (300mm) and 36 inches (900mm). Specify part number MTL-6-12 or MTL-6-36 for a set of two conductors with 12″ or 36″ lengths, respectively. For custom lengths, specify MTL-6-“X” and specify the units for “X.” If a terminal is required for the unfinished end of the lead, contact DEI. Note: For any model with an AC fault current rating equal to or greater than 2 kA or for use with a Gradient Control Mat, two leads per terminal are required. If one set of leads is to be connected to a DEI furnished Gradient Control Mat, then the lead-to-mat connection will be thermit welded. See DEI information on Gradient Control Mats for connection details. Hex Coupling Nut Pin brazed studs are a convenient mounting method for the model SSD, attaching the decoupler to a pipe wall. Decoupler terminal connections can be made using insulated conductors, however total length should be minimized to limit the inductive over-voltage effects from lightning. One method of limiting conduction path length when also using 8mm pin brazed studs is the DEI Hex Coupling Nut, which attaches one SSD 36″ Fiberglass Pedestal Where a free-standing enclosure is desired for the Dairyland PCR or SSD, the 36″ fiberglass pedestal is ideal. Requiring no foundation or mounting structure, the pedestal is installed by partiallying burying the lower one-half in the soil. Cable entrance is via the open bottom area of the lower one-half, which is ideal for AC mitigation applications. The padlockable hasp prevents unauthorized access. Specifications: Color: Light Green Nominal fiberglass thickness (3/16″ (4.8mm) Exterior UV stabilized gelcoat 14 Mill (0.36mm) thick Fire retardant. Does not support combustion. Stainless steel hardware Dairyland’s Zone 2 product lines (PCR, SSD and OVP2) have achieved IECEx certification.