RS-3 Premium Earth Contact (Coke Breeze) Backfill by Loresco

RS-3 Premium Earth Contact (Coke Breeze) Backfill by Loresco
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Loresco RS-3 is the newest and most innovative super conducting earth contact backfill in the Loresco product line. It is a surface-modified, blended, and sized carbon backfill with surfactants. It is a premium earth contact backfill able to handle the most stringent cathodic protection demands requiring high current and long life.

Loresco RS-3 combines the characteristics of superior low resistivity and high bulk density with a remarkably rapid sinking ability to provide the latest in conductive carbon backfill technology. This is the first time a conductive carbon backfill with superior pumping and pouring abilities has been available in one bag.

Rapid sinking ability allows RS3 to achieve maximum compaction quickly for faster construction completion times and faster energizing of the anode system. Rapid sinking allows pouring when pumping is not an option.


    • Ideal for high-current cathodic protection
    • Low resistivity
    • High bulk density
    • Particles shaped and surface modified for maximum electrical conductivity.
    • Particle sized to facilitate pumping and pouring applications with rapid settling.
    • Minimum calcination temperature of base materials of 1250°C.
    • Base materials calcined under ISO 9002:2000quality control.
    • No de-dusting oils used during manufacture of base particles.


Loresco RS-3 is produced for cathodic protection applications using an exclusive multistep process which creates a new surface with superior conductive properties. This process is exclusive to conductive carbon formulations designed for cathodic protection. It ensures that the impressed current anode and RS-3 system have increased electronic flow performance while increasing the life of the anode system.

Manufacturing begins with the selection of a very high quality base carbon with the desired characteristics. Next, this carbon is calcined to a minimum temperature of 1250°C under exacting and controlled standards. This step results in semi-graphitized carbon particles with excellent conductivity. The particles are shaped and surface-modified for maximum electrical conductivity and high-current applications. To further improve bulk conductivity, the surfaces of the individual particles are then modified to enhance the contact conductance in a process that is exclusive to the corrosion industry. This breakthrough in surface alteration ensures maximum electronic current transfer with positive anode contact. Finally, a specially formulated surfactant is added to reduce particle surface tension for compact settling under water.

Loresco RS-3 has a bulk density of 68 lbs per cubic foot. The fixed carbon content is greater than 99% by weight. The bulk density and high fixed carbon content coupled with the assured low resistivity medium allow for longer groundbed life at a lower operating cost.


  • Maximum particle size: 2.5 mm
  • Fixed carbon: 99.4%
  • Ash: 0.5%
  • Moisture: 0.1%
  • Bulk density: 68 lbs per cubic foot
  • Hydrogen & hydrocarbon density: nil due to calcination temperature in excess of 1200°C