Rock Shield by Tuff-N-Nuff

Rock Shield by Tuff-N-Nuff
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  80” x 72” custom cut pads for a 24" pipe.

Rock Shield by Tuff-N-Nuff helps maintain cathodic flow in natural gas and oil pipelines. The durable plastic mesh is wrapped around the pipe to protect against debris and rock damage during back filling and against problems that certain soil conditions can cause after pipe is installed.

Rock Shield is manufactured in either rolls or pads based on the pipe diameter to be protected. Rolls are provided for pipe diameters up to 20". Pads are available for pipe diameters 24" or larger. Roll and pad widths are determined by the pipe circumference and are designed to overlap for complete protection of the pipe. Rock Shield Rolls are available in various lengths for cigarette wrapping. Rock Shield Pads are provided in 6 ft. lengths.

Rock Shield is an 11 mm thick PVC strand extruded pad with excellent compressive and impact strength. Flexible pads or rolls can easily be installed by two or  three men so fast that labor costs are minimal. Rock Shield is easily transported because pads and rolls are lightweight and convenient sizes. Weather is never a problem for PVC material tested to -50° to 120°C.

 Cigarette Wrap. 72” x 30’ rolls for a 20" pipe.

Rock Shield benefits

  • Made of heavy-duty PVC. Flexible to accommodate normal pipe movement resulting from ground shifting, thermal expansion or contraction.
  • Absorbs impact of uneven back fill. Tested superior to competitors (including select-fill).
  • Non-woven texture. Porous, does not trap water, allows accurate cathodic testing.
  • Protects pipe coating from protruding rocks in trench.
  • Minimizes abrasion of coating from pipe movement underground.
  • Protects pipe during future excavations.
  • Is unaffected by temperature extremes and wet weather. Weather is never a problem for PVC material tested from -50° to 120°C.
  • Maintains cathodic protection without inhibiting cathodic flow.
  • Cushions against concrete weights.
  • Easy to install. Cuts with a utility knife.
  • Lightweight. Easy to handle and transport.
  • Yellow color to identify in-ground pipe to third parties.


  • Rolls: Any width up to 72” and produced to any length desired.
  • Pads: 6’ x any width, custom cut, strapped with filament tape.
  • Pre-cut to size for swamp or river weights.