Ref-Check PLUS Enhanced Reference Electrode Test System by Farwest Corrosion

Ref-Check PLUS Enhanced Reference Electrode Test System by Farwest Corrosion
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Do you want a way to overcome false or low structure-to-soil potential readings you might be receiving from your cathodic protection reference electrode (CPRE) and digital multimeter (DMM)?  You can have that solution today with the Farwest Ref-Check PLUS. 

The Ref-Check PLUS is two instruments in one.  It contains the original Farwest Ref-Check device, which allows a CP technician to determine if a CPRE is healthy (not high resistance).  If the CPRE is found to be compromised, the technician can then easily utilize the new electronic circuitry of the Ref-Check PLUS to obtain an accurate potential measurement from compromised CPRE's that previously indicated as high as a 90% error.


Benefits of the Ref-Check PLUS

By using the Ref-Check PLUS, you can extend the service life of compromised CPREs and be confident that the CPRE is providing a proper reading. The Ref-Check PLUS pays for itself on the first day you're able to obtain an accurate reading from a compromised CPRE that you no longer need to replace.


All DMMs will impose a load, referred to as "meter loading”, on the CPRE.  This load affects CPRE accuracy even under the best conditions.  Most professional grade DMMs have a 10 meg (million) ohm input resistance.  This may seem high but when used to measure very sensitive (high resistance) circuits, such as a compromised reference electrode (due to age or lack of moisture), the meter imposes a load on the circuit that can result in a very large structure-to-electrolyte potential error. 

The Ref-Check PLUS integrates proven "potentiometric voltmeter" technology, which when used with modern DMMs, provides a corresponding voltmeter sensitivity of over 5,000 meg ohms input resistance, (near zero meter loading) 500 times more sensitive than a typical DMM.  While there are high impedance voltmeters on the market that have input resistances as high as 200 meg ohms, they can cost in the range of $700.00 to over $3,000.00 and they still impose some level of loading on the CPRE resulting in a measurement error.