ReCAST-SSB by Zerust Oil & Gas

ReCAST-SSB by Zerust Oil & Gas
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NTIC has developed an innovative solution, Zerust ReCAST-SSB, which works as a three-part system combining cathodic protection, volatile corrosion inhibitors, and soluble corrosion inhibitors, providing efficient protection at all times. NTIC monitors the effectiveness of the inhibitors without causing any unscheduled stoppages. This three-part system allows for inhibitor concentrations to be adjusted through an inhibitor delivery system with a delivery station that is installed outside the tank base.

ReCAST-SSB solution deployed on the external surface of an AST bottom.

Zerust molecules in the sandbed below the AST bottom working in combination with cathodic protection to efficiently mitigate corrosion.


Solution To

Pitting corrosion of soil-side bottoms of Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) causes the formation of holes that allows product leakage into the environment. This specific type of corrosion forms in the gaps or "vapor spaces" between the metal tank bottom and the soil/concrete slab it rests on. These "vapor spaces" are formed when the metal bottom flexes up and down when product is filled and removed from the AST. In addition, when the AST is constructed using bituminous beds below the tank bottoms (a common practice), it leads to attack from the acids in the surrounding soil, which seep through these same beds. Because of the leaks caused by corrosion, tank operators have to periodically stop tank operations for repairs or to replacement of the entire bottoms. The stoppage time can come within the first few years of a tank's life (2 to 4 years), or at scheduled inspection intervals (6 to 10 years depending on relevant API 650 guidelines).


The Zerust ReCAST-SSB system has been developed to work in such aggressive corrosion environments as illustrated by the key parameters below:

Critical ParameterRange in Field ApplicationsRange in Laboratory Tests
Operating Temperatures, °C20-4520-55
Relative Humidity, %90-10060-100
H2S and SO2, ppm<5-10020-100
O2, %4-2110-21
Chlorides, ppm300-1,800300-1,800
Other Inorganic Salts, ppm50-20050-200