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Portable Transformer Rectifier

Portable Transformer Rectifier
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Transformer Rectifier Specification: Sl. No. Functionality i. AC Inputs: Single phase, 50 Hz, Input Voltage: 150 to 270 V AC ii. DC Outputs: DC output Voltage – 0 to 25V; DC output Current – 0 to 10A iii. Types of Unit: Indoor type. Air Cooled. iv. Meters 20×4 LCD Display. Voltage, Current, Pipe to soil potential, transformer temperature, SCR temperature and different types of alarm are show in Display. v. Control Element The DC Output are control through Silicon Control Rectifier (SCR) with plug in type control card of electronic circuits. vi. Modes of Operation TR set has three modes of operation. These are: Auto Reference Mode, Manual Mode and Online Mode. vii. Current Interrupter The current Interrupter timer is used for carrying output ON/OFF CP survey using the current interruption technique. viii. PSP level Control PSP level easily control using voltage control. ix. Feedback Control For feedback control system, DC output voltage constant even though AC input voltage increases. For these reasons, do not change PSP level with change of input AC voltage. x. Protection: MCBs in AC Input & DC Output. Over current limit, over voltage & short circuit control by using intelligent system. Over PSP level also protected. All value can be set by user. Overload Protection Due to presence of intelligent overload protection in input and output, Transformer will be protected. Alarm was shown in display if overload occur. Thermal Protection TR set will be stop in case of over heat. Thermal sensor monitors heat of Transformer and SCR. Reverse Current Protection Rectifier fault will be detecting this TR set. TR set will be stopped if reverse current detecting in system. During AC Current/voltage, Reverse DC Current/voltage and thundering effect TR set will be stopped. xi. Online Control of TR System Transformer Rectifier Output Voltage Setup as command from online. 0 to 25 volts. Transformer Rectifier Maximum Output Ampere Setup as command from online. 0 to 10 Ampere. Data Communication Time Setup as command from online. 1 to 60 minutes. Pipe to Soil Potential (PSP) Lower limit and Maximum limit Setup.0 to 1000 & 1000 to 2000 mV TR set Oil/SCR/Transformer Temperature Maximum Limit Setup. 0 to 255^C. Current Interrupter ON time/OFF Time Setup. 0 to 99 seconds. TR Set Shutdown/ON from Online Control System xii. Online Data Monitoring from Website Transformer Rectifier Output Voltage Transformer Rectifier Output Ampere Pipe to Soil Potential (PSP) TR Set SCR Temperature TR set Oil Temperature or Transformer Temperature TR Set Status- different types of alarm xiii. BTRC Of BUET Tested.