Polyurethane Foam Pipeline Cleaners by Knapp Polly Pigs

Polyurethane Foam Pipeline Cleaners by Knapp Polly Pigs
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  • Flexible Pipeline Cleaners
  • Polly-Cups & Discs
  • Polly-Cast Pipeline Cleaners
  • Polly-Spheres
  • Custom Casting 

STANDARD RED SERIES: 5-8 lb/cu.ft. (80-128 kg/cu.m)

Medium density foam with a tough red coating yields a strong resistance to wear, yet remains flexible. The 5A, IA and IC may be used in pipelines with minor cross sectional diameter reductions or restrictions. (Please consult Corrosion Control Products Company before applying a 1B, 1D or 4A where line reductions are present.)

  • 5A Red Bare Squeegee (RBS)
  • 1A Red Plain Spiral (RPS)
  • 1B Red Spiral Silicone Carbide (RSSC)
  • 1C Red Criss Cross (RCC)
  • 1D Red Criss Cross Silicone Carbide (RCC-SC)
  • 4A Javelina (Wire Brush) (RCC-WB)

DURABLE CRIMSON SERIES: 9-10 lb/cu.ft. (144-160 kg/cu.m.)

Hard density durable foam and toughest crimson coating give maximum wear resistance.

  • 2A Crimson Bare Squeegee (CBS)
  • 2B Crimson Criss Cross (CCC)
  • 2C Crimson Criss Cross Wire Brush (CCC-WB)
  • 2D Crimson Criss Cross Silicone Carbide (CCC-SC)

FLEXIBLE BLUE SERIES STANDARD: 5-8 lb/cu.ft. (80-128 kg/cu.m)

Same medium Density foam as Red Series with a softer, more flexible blue coating. Ideal for use in lines with major reductions in cross sectional area and short radius bends. (Please Corrosion Control Products Company for extreme diameter reduction applications.)

  • 3A Blue Plain Spiral (BPS)
  • 3B Blue Silicone Carbide Spiral (BSSC)
  • 3C Blue Plain Criss Cross (BPCC)
  • 3D Blue Silicone Carbide Criss Cross (BSCCC)

MAXIMUM CLEANING SERIES: Various Foam Densities & Coatings

Maximum cleaning series are available in various densities and designs. The Super Javelina is totally covered with wire brush straps in a slight spiral pattern. The Power Brush, totally coated with wire brush straps in a straight pattern design, allows sufficient by-pass to clean the brushes and suspend debris ahead of the cleaner. Both the Super Javelina and Power Brush cleaners are designed for long runs. The Shark is totally covered with Silicone Carbide chips and is designed for shorter runs. The Stud cleaner has steel studs embedded in durable foam for removing hard scales.

(Use caution in using maximum cleaning series where short radius bends, reduced cross sectional conditions, and low flow rates are present).

  • 4B Super Javelina(Totally Coated Wire Brush) (TCWB) 5-8 lb/cu.ft. (80-128 kg/cu.m)
  • 4C Shark (Totally Coated Silicone Carbide) (TCSC) 5-8 lb/cu.ft. (80-128 kg/cu.m)
  • 4D Power Brush (Wire Brush) (PB) 9-10 lb/cu.ft. (144-160 kg/cu.m)
  • 4E Stud Cleaner (Steel Studs) (SP) 9-10 lb/cu.ft (144-160 kg/cu.m) U.S. Patent No. 4,242,771

SWAB SERIES: 1, 2 and 4 lb/cu.ft. (16, 32 and 64 kg/cu.m)

Soft Bare Swabs available 1, 2 or 4 lb/cu.ft (16, 32 and 64 kg/ml) density foams. Consult Corrosion Control Products Company for prices on 2 and 4 lb/cu.ft. Available with flat or tapered nose. Maximum flexibility to negotiate extreme reductions in cross sectional diameter and tight bends.

The Hydropig is available in 2 lb/cu.ft. (32 kg/cu.m) density foam with flexible blue coating. Wire brush straps or silicone carbide can be incorporated in coating.

  • 5B Bare Swab (BS)
  • 5C Hydropig (HP)
  • 5D Hydropig Silicone Carbide (HSC)
  • 5E Hydropig Wire Brush (HWB)


  • Cavity: Fabricated to accommodate individual transmitter dimension specifications.
  • Double Dish: Maximum efficiency for removal of liquids. Can be used bi-directionally. Available in any style.
  • Double Nose: Bi-directional applications where cross section diameter reductions are present. Available in any style.
  • Rope: (Polypropylene both ends.) For handling or pulling through line. Available in any style. Steel cable available upon request.