Polly-Pig Pipeline Cleaners by Girard Industries

Polly-Pig Pipeline Cleaners by Girard Industries
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Maximum pipeline cleaning performance

For over 25 years, Girard Industries has been committed to helping operators clean a wide variety of pipelines. This strong commitment guided Girard in developing the industry's first patented rotating Polly-Pigs. Girard has consistently controlled manufacturing quality and design integrity to assure maximum pipeline cleaning performance.

Years of manufacturing experience and proven results have earned Girard Industries the reputation as the leading manufacturer of industrial pipeline pigs.

The patented Polly-Pig design is bullet shaped with a sealed concave base. The pigs are made of high quality open cell polyurethane foam. They have a tough polyurethane elastomer coating and are available in a variety of patterns and abrasives to suit every need.

Polly-Pig features

  • Made of flexible open cell foam. Enables the pig to negotiate 90 degree ells, tees, valves, and pipeline diameter changes.
  • Twenty-eight different types. For various applications from light cleaning and drying to heavy build-up removal.
  • Cleans any size pipe. From small lines less than 2 inches to 144 inches.
  • Travels in almost any piping system. Polly-Pigs travel in almost any piping system which has adequate flow and volume to move the pig.

Polly-Pig models

There are four basic types of Polly-Pigs: drying, wiping, cleaning and scraping. Each are available in three grades of durability: Scarlet, Red, and Yellow series.

  • Scarlet Series - 8 lbs/cu.ft. density polyurethane foam. Available in 8 styles from heavy wiping to heavy scraping.
  • Red Series - 5 lbs/cu.ft. density po@ethane foam. Available in 8 styles from regular wiping to regular scraping.
  • Yellow Series - 2 lbs/cu.ft. density polyurethane foam. Available in 6 styles for various degrees of drying, cleaning, and scraping.
  • Special Applications - 5, 8, and 20 lbs/cu.ft. density polyurethane foam. Available in 6 styles for batching, special cleaning, and scraping. Custom made Polly-Pigs are also available for special needs. Consult the factory for details and additional literature.

A wide range of pipeline applications

  • Gathering
  • Water & Waste Water
  • Transmission
  • Air & Gas
  • Fire Protection
  • Distribution
  • Fuel
  • Tailing
  • Liquor
  • Injection
  • Slurry
  • Cooling
  • Packaging
  • Fly Ash & Bottom Ash
  • Chill
  • Loading & Disposal
  • Process
  • Product