Plattline Zinc Ribbon Anodes for Above Ground Tanks

Plattline Zinc Ribbon Anodes for Above Ground Tanks
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Plattline™ Zinc Ribbon Anodes provide a simple and cost effective method of corrosion control for Above Ground Storage Tank bottoms. The zinc ribbon is self regulating, which means that it will protect the steel tank bottom when the electrolyte (the sand) is conductive (moist) only on demand. When the demand decreases, the zinc ribbon output will decrease as well. No external power source is required.


Plattline™ is a continuous zinc ribbon and simple to install. No special tools are required and there is no need for constant monitoring or maintenance once the system is installed.

Figure 1. Plattline zinc anodes used to protect above ground tank storage bottoms


Cathodic Protection (CP) is the application of direct current to reverse the natural tendency for metals to return to their natural condition as metal oxides (rust). CP prevents the corrosion process from occurring.

Corrosion occurs in the presence of moisture. In Above Ground Storage Tanks, it is important, both economically and environmentally, to protect tank bottoms from corrosion. The area under the tank bottom can become moist and can remain moist from ground moisture, under-tank


Plattline ™ Zinc Ribbon Anode can be installed in several ways. It can be cut into lengths and connected by a lead wire along the tank bottom or it can be laid out in a spiral or serpentine fashion in a continuous length along the tank bottom. Each of these installation patterns is illustrated in Figure 2 on the next page and takes place in the sand electrolyte which is approximately four to six inches deep.

Product Specifications

Plattline™ zinc ribbon anodes are used in a variety of applications. They are used for cathodic protection on buried pipelines, for AC mitigation on pipelines, for sacrificial cathodic protection of secondary bottoms on above-ground storage tanks, for AC mitigation grounding mats and for other corrosion protection applications.

platt09.gif (1631 bytes)
platt10.gif (1406 bytes)
platt11.gif (1245 bytes)
platt12.gif (1085 bytes)
  Cross section1″ x 1-¼”
25.4 x 31.75 mm
5/8″ x 7/8″
15.88 x 22.22 mm
1/2″ x 9/16″
12.7 x 14.28 mm
11/32″ x 13/32″
8.73 x 10.32 mm
  Weight2.4 lbs/ft
3.570 kg/m
1.2 lbs/ft
1.785 kg/m
0.6 lbs/ft
0.8925 kg/m
0.25 lbs/ft
0.372 kg/m
  Diameter of
wire core
4.70 mm
3.43 mm
3.30 mm
2.92 mm
  Coil length,
100 ft
30.5 m
200 ft
61 m
500 ft
152 m
1000 ft
305 m
  Coil I.D.,
91.44 cm
91.44 cm
30.5 cm
30.5 cm
  PackagingSteel banded, random wound open coils.Steel banded, random wound open coils.Wood reelsWood reels
   Footnotes to Specification Table


  1. All dimensions and weights are nominal.
  2. Galvanized Steel.
  3. “Arctic” standard size has nominal core diameter of .163″ (4.140 mm).
  4. Longer coil lengths are available on special order.
  5. Standard size also available in reels of 1000 ft and 3600 ft.
  6. Plattline I is an alloyed zinc product and is generally used in seawater or brackish water systems. It meets the chemical requirement of MIL-A-18001K and ASTM B418-95a Type I.
  7. Plattline II is a high purity product and generally used in underground and fresh water systems. It meets the chemical requirements of ASTM B418-95a Type II.