Pipeline Repair Products CRP-PP by CANUSA-CPS

Pipeline Repair Products CRP-PP by CANUSA-CPS
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Canusa's coating repair products (CRP) for polypropylene (PP) coated pipelines provide excellent adhesion and shear resistance at high pipeline operating temperature. The polypropylene repair patch has been uniquely designed to be fully compatible with the polypropylene pipe line coating. The Adhesive Filler is also made from polypropylene for maximum compatibility. These aspects ensure compatibility throughout the range of Canusa products offered.

Features & Benefits

All of Canusa's Pipeline Repair Products offer flexibility in installation, exhibit excellent adhesion to steel and are fully compatible with the pipeline coating. Canusa has also developed a high temperature resistant epoxy, which is used in combination with the polypropylene Adhesive Filler and the repair patch for minor and major coating repairs. Note: For damage greater than 150 mm x 150 mm, a new sleeve is recommended.

  • Coating Repair Patch (CRP-PP) is polypropylene based and is designed to be fully compatible with the polypropylene pipeline coating. The patches are supplied pre-cut for easy handling in the field. The installed patch provides a barrier to moisture and corrosion and is resistant to abrasion and shear forces during pipeline construction and while in service.

  • PP Melt Stick is used to fill larger damaged areas in the coating prior to patch installation or as a repair for minor coating damage. Once installed, the Melt Stick provides excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion and shear during pipeline construction and while in service.

  • PP Adhesive Filler is supplied as a filler material when repairing the GTS-PP Heat Shrink Sleeve System. Typical Application is to fill the void left during Peel Testing prior to CRP-PP Repair Patch Application. It can also be used to repair the Mainline Coating.

  • Canusa Epoxy/Primer acts as an initial corrosion protection layer for major repairs when the damaged area extends to the steel surface. Its unique force cure technology ensures consistent thickness prior to installation of the Adhesive Filler material and repair patch.