Pin Brazing & Accessories, EASY BOND by BAC

Pin Brazing & Accessories, EASY BOND by BAC
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BAC Easybond Reach System (EBRS)


      BAC Easybond Reach Pin Brazing System (EBRS)             Brazing head, BAC Easybond Reach System (EBRS)


The BAC Easybond Reach System (EBRS) is a technique of making sound retrofit electrical connections to buried pipelines, without the need for major excavation. The system comprises a special pin brazing gun with a purpose designed brazing tool that attaches to a fully adjustable (1.6 m to 2.5 m) hollow extension tube constructed of aluminum.

Battery Pack Chargers
BAC pin brazing battery charger for 12 Vdc input      BAC pin brazing battery charger for 120/240 Vac input

Vepac 273 199 5040 for 12 Vdc input.

Elite 273 199 5020 for 120/240 Vac input

BAC Microprocessor controlled battery chargers are designed to provide fast, automatic charging and ensure peak performance from your batteries.

  • Short circuit shutdown without blown fuses

  • Reverse polarity protection

  • 3-stage charge: CI-CV-Float

  • Fast constant-current bulk charge

  • Constant voltage proportion timing for minimal gas emission

  • Constant voltage float/standby

  • Independent overrun (fault) timer - digital electronics for stability & reliability