Multi-Layer Sleeves and Tapes by CANUSA-CPS

Multi-Layer Sleeves and Tapes by CANUSA-CPS
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The CANUSA-CPS Multi-Layer System is a heat shrinkable joint protection system which consists of three layers - crosslinked polyolefin backing, hot melt adhesive, and a two-part epoxy primer. This new and improved Multi-Layer System, designed for operating temperatures up to 80ºC (75ºF), combines excellent corrosion protection with lower pipe preheat temperatures than required with comparable sleeves of traditional design. The three-layer sleeve system is fully compatible with Fusion Bonded Epoxy and with-direct bond or three-layer polyethylene line coatings.

Historically, achievement of superior performance levels at these temperatures would require a two-layer sleeve or tape with a hot-melt adhesive requiring very high pre-heat temperatures. The new Multi-Layer System can achieve high adhesion to steel with significantly lower preheat in the field. Lower pre-heat will save both time and money during pipeline construction. The Multi-Layer System will provide pipeline joint protection with long-term integrity.


  • Fast, reliable installation
  • No special tools or training
  • Can inspect epoxy application prior to sleeve installation
  • High build epoxy primer
  • One-piece sleeve configuration
  • Broad range of product sizes


  • Field friendly
  • Long term pipeline integrity
  • No high pre-heat required
  • Does not require highly skilled installers
  • Lower installed cost
  • Minimizes entrapped air
  • Ensures maximum epoxy primer protection