Model TW-6 Split Box Pipe & Cable Locator, by Fisher

Model TW-6 Split Box Pipe & Cable Locator, by Fisher
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The well known Fisher M-Scope Model TW-5 Pipe and Cable Locator was upgraded in performance and user friendliness to the Model TW-6. The new model performs the traditional finding tasks of locating underground metal objects such as pipes, cables, manhole covers, vaults and valve boxes.

The TW-6 like earlier models will be primarily used by water departments, telephone companies, electric power companies, gas companies and petroleum pipeline companies to know where to dig, and sometimes more importantly where NOT to dig in making repairs or rearranging buried lines.

The substantial increase in sensitivity of the TW-6 required that we remove all unnecessary metal parts. They collectively inhibited the tracing distance of the more efficient locator. That is why the new very durable catches holding transmitter and receiver together as well as the individual carrying handles are now completely non-metallic. The familiar aluminum loop antennas on the TW-5 and earlier models have been replaced by actual coil windings around the edge of the underside of the face panels on the transmitter and receiver. This change along with the completely upgraded electronics has boosted the tracing performance 50-100%.

Longer tracing which used to require expensive high powered fault locator/tracers can now be accomplished very economically.