Model Quasar 100 Amp, GPS Controlled Current Interrupter by Tinker & Rasor

Model Quasar 100 Amp, GPS Controlled Current Interrupter by Tinker & Rasor
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Tinker & Rasor reintroduces the Model Quasar 100 Amp GPS Controlled Current Interrupter. The updated Model Quasar is the product of more than ten years of research and development of GPS controlled current interrupters and two years of testing in the field. The instrument represents the latest in electronics in the industry, with a new design and numerous improvements. The Quasar, like all other Tinker & Rasor equipment, is available from Farwest Corrosion Control Company and is ready to ship worldwide.
  • Interrupt 100 Amp @ 120 Volt (12,000 Watts max)
  • GPS Timing. GPS unit can sync non-GPS unit
  • Cycle between 0.005 s and 999.999 s
  • Manual Sync feature
  • Internal 12V battery
  • 110-240 V auto-sensing AC power supply
  • Removable magnetic-mount GPS antenna
  • 10 program memory
  • Ability to transfer program information to multiple units
  • All connections made from outside of case
  • Keypad operation with large LCD screen
  • Banana jacks for interrupting low current (<5 A)


  • Rugged carrying case for rough field use, sealed against dust and water (not immersion).
  • Rubber grip carrying handle.
  • Internal cable storage in lockable compartment. Secure with lid open or closed
  • Reinforced locking rings, lock with lid open or closed.
  • Desert tan color reduces heat in the field and blends with surroundings.
  • Solid state circuitry, no mercury relays.
  • Small banana connectors for small systems.


  • CIPS
  • DCVG
  • CP Monitoring
  • Pipe-to-Soil Potentials
  • Interrupt Ground beds


  • Display: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
  • Dimensions: 16.125" (409.575 mm) W x 9.250" (234.95 mm) D x 13.250" (336.55 mm) H