Model M5C San-Earth Conductive Concrete by Farwest Corrosion

Model M5C San-Earth Conductive Concrete by Farwest Corrosion
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Developed in 1975 in Japan, SAN-EARTH M5C is the original conductive cement. When used in cathodic protection systems, it extends the life of the anode and reduces the overall cost. SAN-EARTH M5C doesn’t expand, shrink, or crack over time. It yields consistent performance and is both environmentally safe and maintenance free. It can be easily installed as a mortar, or as a slurry and, over time, it hardens to become conductive concrete. It helps protect water resources by sealing aquifer, aquitard, and aquiclude / confining layers and helps prevent cross-contamination. Unlike carbon coke, venting is not required as any gas that forms is on the outside surface of the hardened SAN-EARTH M5C. The current is dispersed over the large surface area reducing the breakdown reaction resulting in a smaller amount of gas bubbles which easily dissappate into the surrounding soil. This reduced reaction also allows the cathodic protection system to have a much longer life. SAN-EARTH M5C creates a special enviroment where the galvanic reaction with the anode is minimized.



 • Protects Aquifer from Cross-Contamination

• No Vent Pipe is Required

• Reduces Corrosion

• Maintenance-Free

• Extends Life Up to Ten Times

• Easy to Install

• Environmentally Friendly and Non-Hazardous

• Makes Excellent Contact with Surrounding Soil

• Cost Efficient

• Works in Various Types of Enviroments

• Over 40 Years of Proven Performance

• Numerous Applications

• Works in Environments Where Other Products  Fail

• Consistent Performance as a Wet Slurry or a  Cured Solid  

• Powder Mixes Easily with Water

• Doesn’t Shrink or Expand

• Doesn’t Crack When Curing

• Outperforms Competitors

• Available in 55lb (25kg) Bags or 2000lb (907kg)  Super Sacks

• Available Globally

• Won’t Be Swept or Washed Away by Water or by  Soil Movement

• Strict Quality Control at Every Factory

• Large Existing Customer Base

• Extends Sacrificial Anode Life in Cathodic  Protection Systems

• Withstands Heavy Ground Fault Currents

• High Compressive Strength

• Designed to Comply with NFS 60

• Simplifies Well Decommissioning Process

• Ideal as Conductive Filler for CIP Surveys