Model LM Pipeline Markers by Tinker & Rasor

Model LM Pipeline Markers by Tinker & Rasor
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Tinker & Rasor MARKS-A-Lines are made of ultraviolet-stabilized High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to inhibit fading and warping from exposure to the elements. And unlike painted metal signs, they will not absorb water, peel, or rust. MARKS-A-Line samples were tested by an independent testing laboratory according to the procedures in Federal (Military) Test Standard 191A, Method 5804,  “Accelerated Severe Weathering Test.” As a result of these tests, Tinker & Rasor offers a limited 25-year warranty on the MARKS-A-Line product line.

Non-Metallic Construction 
The HDPE construction is non-conductive and will not spark when struck. This eliminates the possibility of spark ignition, fire or explosion in hazardous combustible locations.

Wind Resistance
The tubular configuration makes the Tinker & Rasor MARKS-A-Line less susceptible to “windwhip” - a common problem with 2-dimensional metal signs and other flat markers which have a large “footprint” in the wind.

High Visibility
MARKS-A-Line fittings are available in vivid colors selected to stand out in any background environment. Its 3-1/2" OD tubular design is highly visible from any angle as well as from the air. Optional fluorescent fittings increase visibility from any sight plane. Text messages are hot-stamped for durability into the fittings, not screen-printed or stenciled

Virtually No Maintenance
Because MARKS-A-Lines require no maintenance, their purchase assures low cost over the life of the installation.

MARKS-A-Line Main Functions
Indicates the location of a buried pipeline, cable, conduit, etc. Helps construction crews avoid accidentally damaging buried utilities and pipelines. Warns the general public that there is a buried pipeline or utility in the area. Identifies the owner. Test Stations are used to monitor the effectiveness of cathodic protection programs.