Model B3-A2 Dual Channel Analog Multimeter by M.C. Miller

Model B3-A2 Dual Channel Analog Multimeter by M.C. Miller
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  • Designed for the corrosion control industry
  • Increased dependability through solid state design
  • RFI shielded throughout
  • Accurate, stable readings
  • Active filtering for power frequency rejection
  • Selectable input resistance
  • Withstands the harshest environments
  • Flexible multimeter for all your corrosion tests


The B3-A2 was designed specifically as a cathodic protection test instrument. In most cases it is all that is required for the test and evaluation of existing systems or design of new installation. It can be utilized in making the following tests, all of which are illustrated in the B3-A2 operating manual:

•  Structure-to-soil potentials. Current measurements (direct null-amp method, 2 or 4 terminal zero resistance). 
•  IR drops and calibration of IR drop test stations. 
•  Soil or water resistivity by soil box and by 4-electrode method. 
•  Soil potential gradients. 
•  Continuity tests. 
•  Pipe coating resistance tests and fault surveys (over-the-ground method). 
•  Galvanic anode rectifier output and cathodic protection interference tests. 
•  Duct slug survey on lead covered cables and concrete bridge deck surveys. 
•  pH determination. 
•  Grounding tests.  


General Information

  • A major design achievement was to eliminated the effects of RFI, and offer accurate, repeatable readings.
  • Impact resistant d'Arsonval meters with taut band movement to withstand rough handling.
  • Resistant to rain, dust and temperature: - 0°F to 150°F.
  • 10% up scale: -0.1, 0, 1; -.02, 0, 2: a visual prompt which indicates when the reading crosses zero.
  • Knife edge pointer with easy-to-view mirror scale
  • Accuracy: +0.5% of full scale for all ranges.
  • Tracking accuracy: +0.5%.