Model AT Linear Anode System by EDI

Model AT Linear Anode System by EDI
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Typical Applications

  • Underground and above ground storage tanks, burried pipelines, elevator shafts, marine structures 


  • Design flexibility - modular design permits multitude of anode configurations.
  • Rapid installation - no filed splices or weldments
  • Leight weight - very easy to ship and handle


Design Compatibility

The Model AT is an impressed current linear anode system which permits maximum design flexibility. It consists of a copper cored titanium flat wire coated with mixed metal oxide and attached to a #14 AWG HMW/PE insulated bus wire. The wire pair is surrounded by a flexible plastic mesh. Individual anodes are 50 ft. long and are easily connected in the field to form a hermetically sealed joint. This allows the design engineer to choose a layout which is best suited for the application.

Perhaps the most significant feature of the Model AT is its unique connector system. Each anode is supplied with a pin connector on one end and a socket connector on the opposite end which can be mated either to another anode section to form a string or to a power feed cable. Specially developed "tee" connectors allow intermediate current feeds on long strings. These connectors are designed for underwater cable connections and are being used successfully on other EDI products in turbulent aqueous solutions. All connections are factory made and sealed which means that there are no splices or weldments required in the field. Installation can be completed in substantially less time than any other system. For example, it takes less than 6 man-hr. to install this anode system in a 60 ft diameter tank.

NACE Paper

Installation of an Instrumented Cathodic Protection System on a Large Diameter AST
Paper #03200 presented at Corrosion 2003. ©NACE International 2009. Reproduced with permission from NACE International, Houston, TX. All rights reserved.

Connector Specifications


Pin & socket material*

Brass Alloy 360

Connector body


Current rating

15 Amps

Insulation rating

750 Volts

Minimum insulation thickness


Contact resistance

< 0.01 ohm

Insulation resistance

> 200 megohm after wet mating

Pressure rating

20 kpsi

Rated number of wet matings


Connector shroud material


*The terms Pin and Socket refer to the brass connector, not the CPVC shroud.