Model APS Holiday Detector, by Tinker & Rasor

Model APS Holiday Detector, by Tinker & Rasor
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The Tinker & Rasor Model APS High Voltage Holiday Detector supplies 800V to 35 kV in one instrument with two ranges: high range of 3,500V to 35,000V, an low range of 800V to 8,000V. Typical applications are checking coatings on pipelines and other coated structures, tanks, concrete, sewers, and manholes.

The instrument is designed with safety in mind. It will only come on when the safety handle is depressed.

Compatible with AP/S1 and AP/S2 accessories: wand, contact rings, batteries, ground cable.

Easy-to-adjust voltages, which are shown in kilovots (kV) on the LCD voltmeter display.

Rugged, waterproof case.