Merlin XT6 Rectifier Monitor by Abriox

Merlin XT6 Rectifier Monitor by Abriox
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MERLIN XT is a compact, durable field unit that monitors the operation of a rectifier and transmits data using satellite communication. It is designed for use in areas where no cellular service is available.

MERLIN XT monitors carry out the functional checks of rectifier output (voltage and current) required in order to ensure a continuous CP supply to the pipeline and to comply with regulatory guidelines. Because they are usually deployed in remote locations, they will very quickly repay their capital cost when compared to monthly manual checks.

MERLIN XT checks that the rectifier remains powered by its external electrical supply (including from a solar station or wind turbine). If the power fails, an alarm is transmitted immediately and its internal batteries take over monitoring for up to 2 years.

MERLIN XT controls an external relay, allowing synchronized interruption cycles to be started and stopped directly from iCPSM web software. It can also monitor ON and OFF potentials at the pipeline.

Installation is quick and fully automatic. Data is transmitted to the system HQ, where it is accessed online using Abriox’s iCPSM web interface. Users can configure and control MERLIN monitors, take on-demand readings, view rectifier CP data in graphical and numerical formats or export data for further analysis and archiving.

MERLIN XT can be seamlessly integrated with cellular MERLIN monitors for a total rectifier monitoring solution.



  • Full global coverage
  • Integrates with MERLIN cellular rectifier monitors for the most economic total network solution
  • Alarms when protection inadequate or power fails at rectifier
  • Eliminates cost of routine monthly measurements at very remote locations
  • Technicians’ travel time freed for data interpretation and follow-up
  • Improves health and safety risks
  • Zero carbon footprint for CP monitoring