MCO™ 110 Outerwrap by Trenton

MCO™ 110 Outerwrap by Trenton
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MCO™ 110 outerwap is specially formulated to quickly provide a hard outer shell.

Trenton MCO™ 110 outerwrap is used aboveground or belowground as a mechanical protective wrap over Trenton Wax-Tape® anticorrosion wraps. 

Trenton MCO™ 110 outerwrap is a specialized blend of quick-curing resins impregnated into a fiberglass fabric. It provides protection for coatings that need additional mechanical strength. MCO™ 110 outerwrap is applied by hand, with no special application tools needed. The MCO™ 110 outerwrap package includes gloves and Trenton MCO™ outerwrap end adhesive.

If the wrap’s color fades due to UV exposure, MCO™ 110 can be painted. In especially challenging frost heave conditions, the area above and below the frost line can be wrapped three times for extra strength.


  • Quick and easy to apply, with minimal equipment requirements
  • Adds excellent field-applied mechanical protection to coatings that excel in anticorrosion protection, such as Trenton Wax-Tape® anticorrosion wraps
  • Superior protection against soil stress and backfill
  • Can be applied in high-moisture conditions (because the resin is moisture-cured)
  • Provides a “hard-shell” coating that protects and can also be painted
  • High solids content with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Low odor
  • Quick cure time so it is ready for immediate backfill after application


  • Apply any of Trenton’s Wax-Tape® anticorrosion wraps (or another coating that needs extra mechanical protection).
  • On horizontal pipe, start with a downward-facing strip and wrap Trenton MCO™110 outerwrap onto the pipe in a spiral pattern, using a minimum 50% overlap. Use an 80% overlap when needed in high stress areas, such as transition pipe in clay soils. On a vertical pipe, start at the bottom and spiral up. When wrapping, apply only enough tension to prevent slack. The wrap can be repositioned to achieve a proper application.
  • Make sure MCO™ 110 outerwrap is extended out past the underlying coating on both ends for better anchoring.
  • When a roll ends, overlap the new roll over the previous roll with the beginning edge in a downward-facing direction. Wrap the outerwrap once around the pipe to anchor the new roll before resuming the spiral wrap.
  • At the end of the last roll, apply MCO™ outerwrap end adhesive to the existing layer before pressing down the end, in order to prevent  possible unraveling before the outerwrap has cured.


Rolls are individually vacuum-packed in foil bags.
4″ x 4′ (10.16 cm x 1.22 m) roll, 1.33 sq ft (0.12 m²)
4″ x 12′ (10.16 cm x 3.66 m) roll, 4.0 sq ft (0.37 m²)
4″x 27′ (10.16 cm x 8.23 m) roll, 9.0 sq ft (0.84 m²)
6″ x 27′ (15.24 cm x 8.23 m) roll, 13.5 sq ft (1.25 m²)
9″ x 40′ (22.86 cm x 12.19 m) roll, 30.0 sq ft (2.78 m²)
NOTE: Alternative sizes may be available at an additional cost.


  • Color:                                           Black
  • Thickness (when cured):                30 mil (.75 mm)
  • Surface operating temperature*:    -29°F — 250°F (-34°C — 121°C)
  • Surface application temperature:   -18°F — 125°F (-28°C — 52°C)
  • Cure to dry time at 70°F (21°C):    20 minutes
  • Impact resistance over
    Wax-Tape® #1 wrap @ 15 kV
    holiday detection**:                        20 Joules

* If operating temperature exceeds Wax-Tape® #1 wrap maximum of 120°F (49°C) or Wax-Tape® #2 wrap maximum of 140°F (60°C), use Trenton WaxTape® HT-3000 anticorrosion wrap under MCO™ 110 outerwrap. ** Test assumes 50% overlap