M.C. Miller, Gen II Leak Stop Gel, Anti-Freeze

M.C. Miller, Gen II Leak Stop Gel, Anti-Freeze
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M.C. Miller Gen II Leak Stop Gel was developed for situations in which electrodes may leak CuSo4 solution in a quantity which is unacceptable. This often arises when an electrode is stored in a vehicle where the heating and cooling of night and day expands and contracts the CuSo4 liquid, forcing it through the ceramic plug. This leaves a messy residue of CuSo4 crystals behind. This situation of unwanted leaking electrodes is greatly reduced or eliminated when Gen II Leak Stop Gel is used. The gel is too thick to be forced out the end of the electrode during normal heating and cooling cycles, preventing the leakage from occurring.



 New, improved Leak Stop Gel for use with any MCM electrode. 

  • Squeeze bottle for easy dispensing 
  • Flip top for less spillage and waste 
  • Stops the leaking of CuSO4 electrodes 
  • Replaces leaky liquids with gel electrolyte 
  • Constituted from the highest purity CuSO4 crystals 
  • Retains the ability to maintain and calibrate your CuSO4 electrode 
  • Does not require heating for flow-ability 
  • Has no expiration date (unlimited shelf life) 
  • Storage temperature range : -4ºF(-20ºC) to 150ºF(65ºC)