Maximus DCVG Holiday Detector Set by DCVG Ltd.

Maximus DCVG Holiday Detector Set by DCVG Ltd.
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D.C. Voltage Gradient (DCVG) Equipment manufactured by us in UK to military specifications comes complete with everything except a DC power supply needed to survey a buried pipeline using this technique. The equipment which is a direct descendant of the original work carried out in Australia with inventor, John Mulvaney, is packed into protective carry cases and has two main components, the Interrupter and the Survey Meter. During manufacture maximum emphasis has been placed on quality and robustness of construction, with the equipment kept as simple and as flexible as possible. Although the equipment comes with an instruction booklet , a very comprehensive Training Course is available to ensure operators know how to gather data, use and interpret results in order to gain maximum benefit from the technology transfer process. Twenty four years experience in designing, building, using, analysing the data and most important of all, the excavation of several thousand DCVG coating fault indications personally witnessed, gives us, as the suppliers of this equipment, unparalleled expertise in DC Voltage Gradient Technology and its interpretation which is transferred to operators through the detailed training course. 

The next evolution of the DCVG Meter has arrived. Our new DCVG Buried Pipeline Coating Survey Instrument combines the advantages of the analogue display with the convenience of sub-metre accuracy GPS and data logging. Designed for reliability and ease of use, this turnkey system can be mastered in minutes and used all day long. 

  • simple single button push logging of areas of interest.
  • continuous high-accuracy position logging records your pipeline’s routeas you survey.
  • operated in conjunction with satellite syncrhronised Interrupters
  • large, clear meter readout for precise defect location.
  • specific Test Post, Coating Fault and Feature recording.
  • high speed USB download.
  • up to two Gigabytes internal storage.
  •  2700mAh batteries give extended surveying time.
  • bespoke data download software makes light work of data retrieval and processing. 

Audible signal when logging Data. Status of GPS LED. Blank when no GPS signal. Flashing when GPS Signal not valid. Solid light when GPS signal is valid. The backpack carries the GPS aerial, the DGPS Electronics and the battery used to drive the DGPS System. The GPS system requires the logging onto a local base station or the purchase of satellite time for the most accurate location, proven to be 10 to 15 cm.

Some spare parts inter - changeable with our simple Analogue DCVG and our Quantum CIPS.



Rugged, Simple, Accurate Location of Faults to Within cm 

  • USB-2 Compatible (Fast Download)
  • Up to 10 Volt Analogue Range
  • Analogue and Digital Read-out
  • AC mains rejection filtering 
  • GPS Automatic logging
  • Store Multiple Surveys
  • 2 GB Internet Memory
  • Water Resistant