Link-Seal® Modular Seals, by GPT

Link-Seal® Modular Seals, by GPT
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Link-Seal® Modular Seals are considered to be the premier method for permanently sealing pipes of any size passing through walls, floors and ceilings. In fact, any cylindrical object may be quickly, easily and permanently sealed, as they pass through barriers, by the patented Link-Seal® modular seal design.

Ductile iron, concrete, metal as well as plastic pipes may be hydrostatically sealed within walls to hold up to 20 psig (40 feet of head). Electrical or telecommunications cable may be sealed within conduit as they enter vaults or manholes. The annular space between carrier pipes passing through casings may be sealed against the entry of water, soil or backfill material.

With a wide variety of hardware/elastomer combinations, Link-Seal® modular seals are easily configured to achieve the best possible match for service conditions encountered. High temperature seals, fire seals (Factory Mutual Approved) and oil resistant seals may be ordered to meet special or unique service applications.

For the system approach, metal or non-conductive Century-Line® sleeves with water stops may be ordered with Link-Seal®  modular seals to ensure correct positioning and a water tight seal of the installation within poured concrete walls.

Standard size Link-Seal®  modular seals can be used with Century-Line® Model CS sleeves, Model WS (Steel) sleeves, or core drilled holes. Link-Seal® modular seals are also available for a wide variety of special applications, temperature extremes, exotic chemical combinations and for "out of round" or non-centered applications. Please contact Corrosion Control Products Company for your special application


  • Saves time and money...
    Link-Seal®   modular seals install in up to 75% less time compared to lead-oakum joints, hand fitted flashings, mastics or casing boots.
  • Positive hydrostatic seal...
    Link-Seal®  modular seals are rated at 20 psig (40 feet of head), which exceeds the performance requirements of most applications.
  • Long seal life...
    Link-Seal®  modular seals are designed for use as a permanent seal. Seal elements are specially compounded to resist aging and attack from ozone, sunlight, water and a wide range of chemicals.
  • Maximum protection against corrosion...
    Standard fasteners with a two-part zinc dichromate and proprietary corrosion inhibiting coating. Corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel available for maximum corrosion protection.
  • Certification / Approvals...
    Factory Mutual Fire Approvals. Also a wide variety of approvals from various Federal agencies, associations, code groups, laboratories and organizations.
  • ISO Quality Assurance...
    Link-Seal®  modular seals are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility.
  • Configure a Link-Seal®  modular seal to match your application...
    Color coded EPDM, Nitrile, & Silicone elastomers may be used with various hardware options to match performance characteristics with service conditions.

Link-Seal®  Modular Seal Sizing Procedure 1 Using Charts for Standard Pipes
Link-Seal®  Modular Seal Sizing Procedure 2 for Pipe Sizes not in Charts
Frequently Asked Questions about Link-Seal®  Modular Seals