Lida MMO Wire Anodes by De Nora Tech

Lida MMO Wire Anodes by De Nora Tech
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LIDA wire anodes, by De Nora, are made of copper cored, titanium wire with a mixed metal oxide (MMO) coating. The mixed metal oxide is a crystalline, electrically conductive coating that activates the titanium and enables it to function as an anode. The anodes are manufactured in two standard diameters: 1.5 mm (0.06") and 3.0 mm (0.12").

When applied on titanium, the coating has an extremely low consumption rate measured in terms of milligrams per year. As a result of this low consumption rate, the wire diameter remains nearly constant during the life of the anode.

The low consumption rate of the mixed metal oxide coating, at the recommended operating current densities, results in projected anode lifetimes from 15 to 20 years. Longer or shorter lifetimes may be obtained by varying the current output per foot of wire. This information in demonstrated in the accompanying graphs, which relate amperes per lineal foot to lifetime in years.

While the LIDA anode wire is available in 1,000 foot reels from the factory, Farwest can customize the anode wire for easy field installation.  This includes fabrication for canister applications, "piggy-back" systems for undertank or linear anode projects and more.  Contact a Farwest Corrosion representative for help in your design needs. 

Anode Coating

The MMO coating used on the andoe wire is suitable for most cathodic protection applications, but output varies with application. De Nora's mixed metal oxide coating demonstrates a very high chemical stability, even in environments with low pH values. Unlike other impressed current anodes, the De Nora coating is not affected by the generation of chlorine.


  • Canistered Anodes
  • Continuous Horizontal Groundbeds
  • Discontinuous Horizontal Groundbeds
  • Shallow Vertical Groundbeds
  • Above Ground Storage Tanks
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Natural Water
  • Electrical Cable Shielding
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Water Treatment Equipment

Features & Benefits

  • High Current Output
  • Low Coating Wear Rate
  • Highly Conductive Copper Core
  • ANSI/AWWA Standard D 104-91
  • Lower Cost Per Ampere Year
  • Constant Electrical Resistance
  • Minimizes Voltage Drop

Typical Lead Wire Connection Detail


A typical connection between the LIDA wire anode and a header cable is shown below. Connections such as this have been used successfully in canistered anodes since 1987.