KleerGel by APS

KleerGel by APS
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This high performance synthetic grease is a non-staining, nontoxic multipurpose lubricant which outperforms all petroleum based greases and many synthetic greases. KleerGel’s product is free of contamination performs extremely well at high and low temperatures and under demanding conditions.Synthetic lubricants, by nature, are not as easily prone to oxidation, emulsification and other destructive chemical reactions as petroleumbased greases.  KleerGel further improves the performance of its grease with special anti-wearing, antirusting, and anti-oxidative additives.Petroleum based greases contain impurities which reduce film strength and decrease wear protection.  These greases are produced by adding thickeners (calcium, sodium, lithium) to petroleum based oils, which form harmful deposits at high temperatures and solidify at low temperatures. 



  • Reduces costs by lasting on average four times longer than petroleum base lubricants
  • Non-flammable, non-staining, non-toxic, clear and environmentally safe
  • Machinery wears less and runs cooler increasing its life expectancy
  • Decreases friction thereby reducing energy consumption
  • Replaces all other specialized products, reducing inventory and confusion
  • Reduces maintenance costs