Junction & Bond Boxes by Farwest Corrosion

Junction & Bond Boxes by Farwest Corrosion
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Farwest manufactures a wide variety of custom junction and bond boxes to meet most cathodic protection field requirements.  The details and components needed for these assemblies must be provided by the end user in order for us to provide the desired finished product.

Available Enclosures

Sourced from different manufacturers, there is an almost endless number of enclosure styles, materials and sizes that can be used for junction or bond box assemblies.  The type of enclosure selected  will depend on your preference, specification or the environment.  Enclosure materials include galvanized steel, powder coated steel, stainless steel, aluminum, polycarbonate and fiberglass.

Enclosure Sizes & NEMA Ratings

The enclosure size should be dictated by the junction or bond box application. As the number of circuits or connections increase, so should the enclosure size and it is always best to have ample room inside the enclosure to allow easy access and an improved working environment.  Farwest customer service personnel can assist you with enclosure sizing when needed.

NEMA ratings vary with the enclosure type and not all ratings are applicable to all enclosure styles.  As a guideline, the most commons NEMA ratings for cathodic protection application are:

  • NEMA 3R: Classified as "rainproof, enclosures are intended for outdoor use and provide a degree of protection against windblown dust, rain and sleet and are undamaged by the formation of ice on the enclosure.  In general, enclosures with the NEMA 3R rating do not have gaskets and are not "hermetically sealed" from the environment.
  • NEMA 4X: Classified as "rain-tight" or "water-tight", enclosures are intended for indoor or outdoor use and provide a degree of protection against corrosion, windblown dust or rain, splashing water and hose directed water and are undamaged  by the formation of ice on the enclosure.  In general, enclosures with the NEMA 4X rating have a door gasket to seal the enclosure from the outside environment .

Note: As NEMA 4X enclosures are sealed from the environment, there is no natural ventilation.  Therefore, installing heat generating devices, such as resistors, inside this enclosure type may not be practical.

Internal Components for Junction and Bond Boxes

As Farwest junction or bond box assemblies are very customized, we can install a wide variety of shunts, connectors, terminal blocks, slide resistors, rheostats or any other required equipment as dictated by your needs.  If you provide the details, we can build it.

Bear in mind that there are always technical aspects to consider when building a custom junction or bond box assembly and those include mounting requirements, ventilation needs, current ratings, and more.   

Ordering Information

  • Indicate enclosure style, material and size required for the application.
  • Provide the details and quantity of the interior components.  A sketch or drawing is always useful.