IonX Copper-Copper Sulfate Reference Electrodes by M.C. Miller

IonX Copper-Copper Sulfate Reference Electrodes by M.C. Miller
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 MC Miller IonX RE-5 Portable Reference Electrode #14550
 MC Miller IonX RE-5C Portable Reference Electrode #14555

M. C. Miller’s Non-Porous Plug Technology

The “active” (half-cell) solution in an IonX Portable Electrode (saturated copper sulfate solution) is contained in a sealed unit that incorporates a non-porous, ionically-conducting plug. Please see NACE Magazine article Submersible Reference Elecrodes Revisited.

Features & Benefits

  • Same dimensions, fittings and ceramic tips as standard RE-5 or RE-5C portable reference electrodes for connection to standard canes and electrode extensions.
  • No copper sulfate solution leakage (“Green” electrode).
  • Half-cell cannot be contaminated by electrolyte soil elements, such as chloride ions.
  • No need to handle, store or dispose of hazardous copper sulfate crystals or copper sulfate anti-freeze solutions.
  • Electrodes arrive ready-to-use. No need to prepare chemicals in the field.
  • Calibrated at the factory and shipped with a certificate of calibration.
  • Electrode potentials in the range 316 mV ±10 mV at 25°C versus Standard Hydrogen Electrode (SHE).
  • Electrodes can be stored at temperatures down to -20°C.
  • Robust, customized ceramic plugs.
  • Replacement plug assemblies available for ordering when required.


IonX Portable Electrodes are in a ready-to-use state upon completion of the manufacturing process, and their electrode potentials are measured at the factory prior to shipping. A certificate of calibration is issued for each electrode. This certificate indicates the electrode potential as measured at the factory, the certification date, and the expiration date, which is 12 months beyond the date of certification. IonX Portable Electrodes can be returned annually to M. C. Miller for a calibration "check-up."

Calibration "Check-up" Service

As for other equipment, such as voltmeters, for which annual calibration checking is suggested, M. C. Miller offers a calibration check-up service (Cat. #14698) for IonX Portable Reference Electrodes. This service includes a new 12-month certificate of calibration, which will only be issued a calibration certificate if its electrode potential falls in the range 316 mV ± 10 mV, versus the Standard Hydrogen Electrode (SHE). Should the external ceramic plug require replacement to bring an electrode into calibration, the customer would be informed, and the cost of a replacement plug would be added to the service cost.

Processing time at the M. C. Miller facility will be 1-3 business days for the re-calibration service. Shipping costs are the customer's responsibility. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is required to accompany a returned electrode and a RMA number can be obtained from our sales department. 

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