Innercoat for Flange-Fill by Trenton

Innercoat for Flange-Fill by Trenton
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Trenton Innercoat protects straight pipe or irregular metal surfaces from corrosion. It can be used for new services, field patching, weld cutbacks and pipeline reconditioning. It is a blend of microcrystalline waxes designed to provide the most desirable corrosion resistance, adhesion and wetting characteristics. It is hot-applied directly to the pipe surface and is always over-wrapped with a proper Trenton wrapper depending on the type of application. Its ease of application and “forgiving” character in difficult applications make it an ideal all-purpose pipe coating.

Application Procedure

  1. Heat Innercoat in pail to 200°F using thermometer to monitor temperature. Once temperature is achieved, reduce heat and maintain temperature.

  2. Wrap flange gap with duct tape (two wraps). Make a hole in the top for inserting the funnel.

  3. Pour Innercoat through the funnel slowly and continuously until the Innercoat has fully filled the flange gap. The level of Innercoat will decrease as it fills the voids in the flange. Continue to top-off flange gap until the level of Innercoat no longer decreases.

  4. After the flange gap has been completely filled, allow 20 to 30 minutes cooling time and remove the duct tape.

  5. If an overwrap is desired after removal of the duct tape, use Trenton #1 Wax-Tape (for below ground) or #2 Wax-Tape (for above ground) to protect the outside flange bolts and to interface with the Innercoat wax at the flange gap seam.


47 lb box
7-1/2 lb blocks (10 per case), 75 lbs/case
7-1/2 lb.blocks, quartered (10 per case), 75 lbs/case