IGT - Intelligent Gasket Tagging by Lamons

IGT - Intelligent Gasket Tagging by Lamons
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The Lamons IGT will be using UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology, to enable users to read tags from a distance of 25 feet (860-960 MHz) using a handheld RFID reader, which is an advantage in a refinery environment. Tags will also be able to be read using QR readers from smart phones. Lamons will be writing useful information to assist with product trouble shooting, product re-ordering, and product verification installed in your flanged application.

Written IGT product information will vary depending on the Lamons product being purchased. Review the product offering below and the standard information that will be written/programmed to the tags.


  • No more measuring flanges in the field, on special applications.
  • Know what’s in your flange, prior to opening for maintenance. 
  • Installers can verify torque for routine maintenance.
  • Onsite inspectors can verify correct specified product was used, after installation.
  • Screen shot information and email to Lamons engineering to assist with purchasing or trouble shooting.
  • Use as a training device for new installers.
  • Intrinsically safe for refinery applications.


Specification: Update current sealing/isolation gasket and flange isolation kits specifications to include IGT tags. 

Intelligent Tagging: Each Gasket or Flange Isolation Kit is to be packaged with Intelligent Gasket Tags (IGT). Tags are to include part number, order number, manufacturing date and torque value. IGT tags to be written (coded) for smart phones QR Readers.

Basic Installation – Isolation Kits:

1. Insert UV resistant tie wrap through IGT Tag and Retainer Washer. Engage tie wrap to desired length.

2. Select the most convenient flange side and bolt location to install tag for easy access in future.

3. Place IGT Washer between 1/8” thick retainer washers and 1/8” steel backup washer. If Gasket only Installation, tighten against steel back up washer. Proceed with the provided installation instructions.