High Silicon Iron "Stick" Anodes by Anotec

High Silicon Iron "Stick" Anodes by Anotec
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For over 30 years, Anotec has been crafting the world’s best high silicon cast iron anodes.  Farwest represents Anotec as a distributor and licensed manufacture and custom builds the Anotec line of anodes.

The Anotec proprietary chill cast process assures consistent weight and a superior (stronger) microstructure, combating corrosion and outperforming the competition by up to 20%. 


  • Accelerated corrosion tests confirm that Anotec chill cast anodes yield more ampere-years per pound than the competition

Anode Composition

  • High Silicon Cast Iron
  • ASTM A518 Grade 3 Chemistry
Silicon14.2 - 14.75%
Chromium3.25 - 5.00%
Manganese1.5% Max.
Carbon0.70 - 1.10%
Copper0.50% Max
Molybdenum0.20% Max

Chill Cast in Static Metal Molds

  • Anotec’s proprietary chill casting process assures a solid stick anode that will outperform the competition.
  • Can withstand drop impact tests to more than twice the height of sand cast anodes.

NSF 61 Listed

  • Safe for use in potable water applications.

ISO 9001 Quality Control

  • Anodes are manufactured, inspected, and tested in accordance with stringent procedures to ensure high quality.

Typical ANOTEC Anode Cross Section

A dense skin of minute columnar grains and a dense core of equiaxial grains. Occasionally, very fine interdendritic porosity at center. Predominantly spheroidal shaped graphite. Similar to the structure of vacuum refined High Silicon Iron.

Typical Cross Section of a Conventional Sand Cast Anode

Skin of nonporous equiaxial grains. Remaining section relatively porous from interdendritic shrinkage and porosity. Predominantly flake graphite with larger boundary areas than equivalent spheroidal graphite.