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High Silicon Iron Chrome Anode

High Silicon Iron Chrome Anode
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a) Construction The anodes shall be of following composition (ASTM A518, Grade 3) by weight: Silicon 14.25– 15.25% Manganese 0.5% Carbon 1.0% Sulphur 0.1% Phosphosphorus 0.25% Chromium 4.0 – 5.0% Iron Balance The diameter of the anodes shall be nominally 51 mm except at the end where the cable connection is made, where the diameter shall be a minimum of 75 mm. The length shall be nominally 1525 mm and the weight of the anode excluding the cable approximately 22 kg. The anodes shall be fitted with a black single core 25 sq. mm (19/1.35mm) cable tail. The cable tail shall be 50 meters long. Cable anode connections shall be made by the Manufacturer, with lead poured and caulked into the anode ends. The cable connections shall be sealed and protected over all by a cast resin cap which shall encase the insulation and sheathing ends of the cable, a section of the anode head and any additional cable retaining fixings. A heat-shrinkable end cap shall be fitted over the anode head and cable connection and tail. The resin used shall be compatible with the intended use. All anodes shall be generally free from shrinkage, porosity, blow holes and surface defects. Any surface defect having a penetration in excess of 6.5mm shall render the anodes unacceptable. b) Packaging The anodes shall be pallet packaged and suitably protected against damage for freighting to Site. Any anode assembly found broken or damaged on arrival at Site shall be replaced and be charged to the Supplier/Contractor.