Heat Shrink Cable Sleeves by 3M

Heat Shrink Cable Sleeves by 3M
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3M brand ITCSN Thick Wall Sleeves,
3M brand IMCSN Medium Wall Sleeves:
Voltage Rating up to 1000 V, UL listed 486D. File Number E102356

3M heat shrinkable, polyolefin thick wall sleeves, end caps and cable repair sleeves are designed for use in splicing, sealing and re-jacketing of direct bury secondary cables. They provide long-term reliable performance overhead, underground or submerged with mechanical and environmental protection.

3M heat shrinkable products combine the important advantages of easy handling and installation with maximum system protection. They come ready-to-use and are easily slipped over the item to be covered. With the application of heat, these products shrink to a skin tight fit, even over irregularly shaped objects. Parts, unless indicated, are provided with a factory applied sealant. 3M brand ITCSN and IMCS sleeves are available in cut lengths from 6" to 48" and also in reels. The expanded I.D. can range from 0.40" to 6.00". The recovered (shrunk) I.D. can range from 0.15" to 1.80". Please contact Farwest Corrosion Control Company for part numbers.

3M brand Heat Shrinkable Tubing Reels:
ITCSN and IMCSN Series Reels

3M brand ITCSN (Thick Wall) and IMCSN (Medium Wall) have been developed for submersible, direct bury and URD applications. These cable sleeves provide a superior combination of mechanical protection, corrosion resistance and operating reliability for insulating and sealing connections in low-voltage power cables.

Fabricated from cross-linked polyolefin, ITCSN and IMCSN sleeves are flexible, highly split resistant, fast-shrinking for rapid installation and flame retardant.

3M brand Cable End Caps:
ICEC Series

3M brand cable end caps with factory applied adhesive are cross-linked, heat shrinkable polyolefin caps desinged for quick, reliable end sealing of electric power cables, telecommunication cables, CATV cables, conduit pipes and other cylindrical objects. These caps deliver excellent electrical, mechanical and moisture protection. They are unaffected by corrosive fuels, fluids and most chemicals.