Handy Cap by Royston

Handy Cap by Royston
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The Tapecoat / Royston Handy Cap™ is a 4" x 4" prefabricated product designed to protect cathodic protection cable connections to steel structures such as pipes and tanks. When pressed into position over the cable connection, it forms a thick, highly resistant electrical insulation seal over the connection, the end of the lead wire and the surrounding area of the pipe or tank. The Handy Cap requires use of the Royston Roybond 747 Primer. Also see two Royston prefabricated assemblies with an integrated primer: the 4" x 4" Handy Cap IP™ and the 5" x 5" Handy Cap XL IP™


  • A top plastic sheet formed with an igloo shaped dome and entry tunnel for the lead wire.
  • A special elastomeric compound in the plastic dome, which is firm enough to resist flow at all normally encountered application and operation temperatures, but soft enough to mold itself around and completely cover the irregular welded profile.
  • On either side of the dome are a double row of parallel, flexibilizing serrations to assist with conforming around small diameter pipe.
  • A base of Royston Tac-Tape, a black unbacked elastomeric tape with exceptional adhesive properties, for bonding firmly to the metal surface, when used with Royston Roybond 747 primer.


Royston Handy Cap™ is easily applied and economical. It may be used on all anode lead wire and test wire weld areas. It is especially useful for welds on mill coated pipe where only a small part of the coating has been removed to permit installation of the thermite grounding connections. It is ideal for use in limited access situations, because it can be manipulated easily and applied at arm's length.