Hand-Hole Cover for C.P. Tank Openings by Farwest Corrosion

Hand-Hole Cover for C.P. Tank Openings by Farwest Corrosion
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Farwest "Hand Hole" Cover Assemblies

When installing anodes or reference electrodes into potable water tank interiors, access holes are commonly cut into the roof of the tank.  These holes allow access for the suspension of the anodes or reference electrodes from the tank room.  Typically, a 5" diameter opening is cut in the tank roof allowing adequate space for worker access.

Hand hole covers are used to close the access opening to prevent unwanted, foreign materials from entering the water tank.  Provided in a variety of materials, hand hole covers are simple to use and relatively inexpensive.  Each assembly consists of a 6" diameter cover plate, gasket, clamping bar and bolt and come in a variety of materials.

Available Assemblies

  • Model HH-1:  Aluminum cover plate and clamping bar with standard gasket and cad-plated bolt.
  • Model HH-2:  Galvanized steel cover plate and clamping bar with standard gasket and cad plated bolt.
  • Model HH-3:  316 stainless steel cover plate, clamping bar and bolt with standard gasket

Gasket Materials

Each of the above assemblies include a standard 1/8" thick x 6" diameter neoprene sealing gasket.  

A new, optional (see below)  Hand-Hole Grommet is available that is 1/2" thick x 6" diameter neoprene with a 3/16" sealing surface.  Once installed with a caulking material , the grommet never needs to be removed, which protects the painted surface of the tank and prevents surface corrosion.


Optional Hand-Hole Grommet Devices 

This new Hand-Hole Grommet design helps to eliminate coating damage caused by the use of conventional hand-hole gaskets.  Typically, standard rubber gaskets stick to newly coated tank surfaces and when the gasket is removed, the coating can be damaged allowing corrosion to occur.  The Hand-Hole Grommet is installed permanently and never needs to be removed.


  • Simple, one-time installation
  • Coating damage is minimized
  • Corrosion under the gasket is eliminated
With Standard GasketWith Optional Grommet