GTS-PP100 One-Piece Protective Sleeve for Polypropylene up to 100°C, by Canusa-CPS

GTS-PP100 One-Piece Protective Sleeve for Polypropylene up to 100°C, by Canusa-CPS
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Product Description

The Canusa GTS-PP-100 system provides excellent adhesion and superior corrosion protection to polyethylene and polypropylene coated pipelines operating offshore up to 100°C (212°F) [onshore up to 80°C (176°F)]. The GTS-PP-100 sleeve has been designed with a unique crosslinked polypropylene backing and a high performance adhesive. The combination allows sleeve installation and bonding to polyethylene and polypropylene mainline coatings. Lower preheats are required versus other systems and superior bonding is achieved without damaging the coating during installation.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique Adhesion Technology: Canusa's unique adhesive technology allows for lower installation pre-heats and superior bonding to polyethylene and polypropylene coatings. The adhesive has been formulated to effectively bond directly to the mainline coating and the steel. The result is a superior bond to both substrates with quicker application.
  • Long-Term Corrosion Protection: GTS-PP-100 provides superior corrosion protection because of the high performance system approach. The PP backing-adhesive combination provides protection with the structural integrity of an extruded coating, resulting in excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment and excellent durability against abrasion and impact. The result is effective, long term protection against corrosion.
  • Superior Shear & Impact Resistance: The GTS-PP-100 sleeve has superior impact and shear resistance by virtue of its polypropylene backing. The sleeve is particularly useful in offshore applications where in-service impact is expected. The rapid cooling characteristic of polypropylene allows better resistance to offshore laying rollers.
  • Rapid & Reliable InstallationLower pre-heat means less time heating and improved production. The pre-manufactured sleeve means less time in handling, positioning and installation. The overall system minimizes installation time and labor costs while promoting high production rates onshore and offshore.