GTS-PP-65 Hybrid Shrink Sleeve for Polypropylene up to 65°C, by Canusa-CPS

GTS-PP-65 Hybrid Shrink Sleeve for Polypropylene up to 65°C, by Canusa-CPS
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Product Description

The Canusa GTS-PP-65 hybrid shrink sleeve system provides excellent long-term adhesion and superior mechanical protection properties for subsea pipelines coated with a wide range of anti-corrosion coatings, including 3LPE, 3LPP, FBE, AE and CTE materials.

The GTS-PP-65 system has been designed with a revolutionary hybrid material construction, consisting of the impressive mechanical attributes of polypropylene (PP) based materials for the outer backing layer with the proven mastic adhesives technology that has been used on subsea pipelines for decades. This combination of materials results in industry leading cycle times and superior mechanical resistance properties. The low preheat and St 3 surface preparation requirements allow for a consistent and easy installation procedure.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique Adhesive Technology: The inherent properties and composition of the adhesive layer allow for a consistent and high-strength bond to the mainline coating layer with low preheat temperatures. The user-friendly aspect of the material allows for consistent results in adverse conditions commonly encountered in subsea pipeline construction environments.

  • Mechanical Resistance: The PP backing layer of the GTS-PP-65 is fabricated using the equivalent raw materials as used for extrusion of PP mainline coatings. As a result, the mechanical properties achieved using this system are directly comparable to those achieved by 3LPP mainline coatings, including excellent resistance to impact, indentation, abrasion and for hardness.
    These properties combine for excellent resistance to offshore roller box loads, post installation impacts from rock dumping or fishing trawl resistance.
    Where potentially directly exposed to offshore roller box loads, the rapid hardening features of the GTS-PP-65 (via water quenching) are of high importance for excellent resistance to damage during the offshore lay process, with only minimal time requirements for quenching.

  • Rapid & Reliable Installation: The GTS-PP-65 is designed specifically for use in offshore environments, where a reliable installation procedure achieved in the most aggressive cycle time is critical. The following features contribute to this key benefits:
    • Low preheat temperature
    • St 3 surface preparation
    • One-piece pre-fabricated design
    • Rapid recovery PP backing layer (designed for excellent heat resistance to allow for up to
      four torch operators for installation on large diameters).